Live While We're Young (A 1D Fanfic)

Chapter 1

Character Infos/Madison's Pov

My Character

Name: Madison Winter
Age: 14
Personality: random, fun, outgoing, nice, sensitive, kind, friendly
Appearance: red hair, small for her age and has blue eyes
Family: mom, dad, and an older brother name Ethan
Boyfriend/Crush: Niall Horan

Katieau's Character

Name: anna smith
Age: 18
Personality: happy, loves to laugh, shy at first, funny, and likes to act cut, dances
Appearance: blue eyes, long brown wavy hair, tallish, skinny
Family : mum left when little, dad passed away not long after that so lives with friend
Boyfriend/Crush: crush zayn malik

Madison's Pov

I was at school and I was walking. I never liked school because I never really had any friends who understood me. I always got bullied and it was just horrible. I went over to my locker and I heard people laughing at me. I sighed and said "Leave me alone!" I turned around and girls started to push me. I wanted to cry and one of them asked "Aw is the baby going to cry?"

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