The Tagging Chain!

When you get Tagged,you have to give ten facts about yourself! Be ready! Have fun,and make sure they are FACTS. NO FICTION XD

Put Ten Fun and Random Facts on your nickname(On Quibblo) and then (Me!)

Have fun ya'll!

Chapter 1

Ten Fun and Random Facts on ElLiEGoUlDiNgIsStArRyEyEd(Me!)

1)I eat upside down.

2)I'm very death-friendly and defying.

3)I'm super awesome.

4)In my darkest hours,I help those in their darkest hours to their feet.

5)I love Ellie Goulding.

6)I tag you.

7)My best friends are Sarah,Kelsey,Kenzie,Allen,Nicole,Morgan,and Danime!

8)I play softball.

9)I take most things seriously.

10)I draw a bunch of stuff.

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