Read please.

Chapter 1

I miss her.. so freaking much..

Beth (Rue_And_Thresh) deleted her account today, without saying anything to me. She was my best friend on here (well, one of them!) and I'm still crying my eyes out right now so if I have typos it's cuz I can barely see the screen. Anywauy, a couple things on here concerning her:

There's No Place Like Home: Except Maybe The Arena. The 74th Hunger Games In Thresh's POV.

That was a story I was doing with her, switching chapters back and forth. When she left, it was her turn.. anyway. I could finish it on my own, but it's too painful for me right now. I'm really sorry, but please understand..
Maybe in a few weeks I'll reread it and see if it's worth finishing. I might get someone else to do it with me.. (please don't start commenting with "I WILL!"). No one will ever replace Beth in my heart. Not that I don't love you all. Oh, I sound heartless now. Sorry. Maybe I am. I just don't know anything anymore, including when I will stop crying. But this isn't about my stupid feelings, it's about.. well, I don't know. Anyways. I'll stop now, I don't even know what I'm saying, just typing out thoughts.

If Clove Never Threw That Knife: A Clato Victory Story.

That was my other group story with Beth. It's my turn on it, and I will finish the chapter, eventually.

I do think this one has promise, so I'll try to finish it, but as a group story with someone else. If someone wants too, then MESSAGE me please, don't spam this story. Thanks. *Note: I'll only do this with someone who is a) A close or kinda close friend of mine, and b) has read this story before and is familiar with it.

That's about it. Bethie, if you ever read this by some lucky chance, I love you. Please come back.


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