My Quibblo Family

My Quibblo Family

So just in case this is new to someones beautiful eyes~What you do is tell me what you wanna be in the commentsXD
Just a little note:
If you ask me I will never say no to youXD

I've had this for a while so sorry to the girls(and Zane) who were kind enough to participate~and also thanks to everyone who did participate!

Yall' make my Quibbie Family whole, and because of this family I am good friends with my Grannie now:D (Tegan!) So enjoy xD Ha!

Chapter 1

The Presidency is Temporary – But the Family Lasts Forever

Quibblo Mom: ArtemisRock1400
Quibblo Dad:
Quibblo Sister(s): dracolover13 and Cloveforever7687 and XxlostgirlxX and coolgirl5738 and emarrow and whatevsees and SaraStyles and ShortLeperachaun and TotallyChicPrincess and mily704p
Quibblo Brother(s): hozza9
Quibblo Pet(s): lolme11(Blue Lizard~Dagger!) Ellye(my favorite bunny rwabbit) WendyPines(Husky Doggy named Autumn) Luvlyness(Elephant dyed purple named Ellie!) trevtev3(Lime Green Llama) The_Only_One(Giraffe)
Quibblo Boyfriend:
Quibblo Best Friend(s): givemeahug and Kinetic and cuty101
Quibblo Sister-in-law(s): potter_punk and larastraw
Quibblo Brother-in-law(s): codycolby15
Quibblo Step mom- ezophaGOTHomia
Quibblo Step dad-
Quibblo Step daughter(s)- Butterman and Flossy563
Quibblo Grandma- (Grannie) TheGrouch
Quibblo Grandpa- JeremyShadaRules
Quibblo Cousin(s)- kathy20 and lunalovegood753 and NotTheStrongestPerson and allie_jo and Britishkat13
Quibblo Daughter(s)- ILuvHarryPotter143 and PiscesGurl22014 and TsubakiKotomi
Quibblo Son(s)-
Quibblo Uncle(s)-
Quibblo Aunt(s)- dracoluvver and (Auntie Ester) Estahh (Auntie Jay) red_hap


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