Howling At The Moon

Zara Chastine
age: 11
Hair: Brown, a few highlights
eyes: blue
not the Tallest
When she has to move from Italy to London she isn't happy, and nor does she want to go to a new school where she knows no one, either. But she might have some fun when she friends the Marauders... :)

Chapter 1


"Zara, we're moving." said mamma.
"What!?" I said, "What do you mean we're moving!? Where are we moving?"
"We're moving to London, England. You'll be going to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry." said papa, looking at me kindly.
"Wait, we have to move to another country, and I have to go to another school!?" I yelled.
"Don't worry," said mamma, "You'll be able to get new friends."
"I don't want to get new friends! I want to keep my old friends! I said sadly
"You will be able to keep your old friends, but you will make new friends also.said my mamma.
" I can still send them letters..." I said.
"That's the spirit!" said papa
Then I left to my room to pack." I don't want to move" is what I was thinking on my way to my room up-stairs.When i walked into my room the first thing I started to pack was my old dolls and toys,then the stuff in my closet,but I didn't want to pack my books yet but I had to,but I left two out.One was "Magical Creatures" I love that book I read it 3 times, then the other one is "Fortune Telling" I love that class, mostly because I'm great at it! The only thing that I didn't pack is my bed sheets and clothes and my desk and things like that.

"Zara its time for lunch!" yelled my little sister, Zoey,she is 10 years old.She was born two years after me so she wont be going to the same school and is twins withMy little brother Erik so they will be going to Hogwarts next year, then there is my little, little sister Sara, she is 9 so she still has two more years.
"Alright!" I yelled back I went down stairs to the next room over to the dinning room. Lunch was chicken strips which are my favorite with Dr.pepper so I was a bit happier.
After lunch I went outside to the swing hanging from the tree and sat on it and swing a little, there was a little breeze it is a nice sunny, warm day.
We are moving in a week, so next Monday.After a while I got bored and went to my room and started reading my Fortune Telling book, but then shortly after I fell asleep.
I wake up to my mamma,saying "Your reading a book in your sleep? Maybe that's why you are so smart and you love to read." I replied "Yep!" then I started to laugh a little."What do you want for dinner tonight?" asked mamma "I don't really know...depends really."I said "Okay then." she said back to me. Then she left the room. I looked at my almost empty room, then I got an idea "Mamma, papa!" I said, they answered at the same time "Yes?" "May I have a sleep over with my friends?" "I guess, it would be fun" said mamma "I'll send the letters right away." "Awesome!" I said very happy.
The letters said this

~the letter~

Dear friends of Zara,

We are moving to London,England. We moving in a week so on Monday. We are having a slumber party and you are invited! If you are going to go to the slumber party, send a the letter as soon as you can if you need a ride please tell us that in the letter you send back. We hope you can go.

Your friend

~Zara Chastine~

~end of letter~

I got letters back very fast, my mamma's Owl may be old but he is fast!

I'm having my slumber party on Wednesday, so in a day,I will be able to have fun with my friends and spend time with them before I leave.Hopefully things turn out as planned.

I went up to my room to read my Fortune Telling book, I sat in my favorite red chair and began to read, the hours seemed like minutes they just flew by so fast. "Zara its time for dinner!" yelled my papa, "Are you sure its only...Oh! It is time for dinner! My mistake." I yelled back I went down the stairs to the dinning room and, smelled something really good...It was turkey, home-made potatoes, gravey, and corn! "Oh my goodness! This looks yummy!" I said wanting to eat it very badly. "I knew you would love it!" said papa "Dig in!" "Trust me I will!" I said back running to the table. I sat in my spot and put food on my plate and starting eating until I was stuffed, then I had some of my favorite tea then got sleepy. "I'm going to bed I'm tired" I said while yawning "okay goodnight" said mamma. I then left to my room changed into my pajamas and fell asleep.

I had a dream that I was in London and packing for Hogwarts and that all I can remember.

~The Next Day~

I woke up to Sara. "Wake up! Wake up!" she said I opened my eyes and said " what time is it?" while yawning "Its 10:00am!"she said "WHAT?!" I jumped out of bed and ran to my dresser, grab a pair of blue jean shorts and a light blue tank top. I turned around and asked Sara to go outside of my of my room so I can change, when she left I closed my door and changed. When I was done I let her back in and I did my hair "There we go! My hair looks good." "yes it dose!" said Sara.

I walked down stairs with Sara following my i went into the dinning room to find some bacon, I sat at the table and Sara sat next to me, and we ate the rest of the bacon and had some tea. After breakfast we went outside, she sat on the swing and was a swinging a little a sat on the grass and watched."Hey Zara" said Sara, "Yeah?" "When is your slumber party?" "Tomorrow." "Okay." We were outside for a while, then we got bored and went inside for a snack, it was some chocolate and tea.

After awhile my hair started to bug me is was getting into my face so I put it in a pony-tail. "Much better" I said looking in the mirror,then I put a dark blue headband on.
I went up to my room and started reading my Fortune Telling book again. Once again time flew by and it was time for lunch, but I wasn't hungry,so I didn't eat.

"Hmmm...I think I should get ready for the slumber party for tomorrow..." I got up and put a book mark in my book,and started getting ready for the slumber party. I had some boxes that I filled while I was packing and put them in the corner of my room, so we had space. Then I layed out some blankets.

When I was done, I layed on my bed, I went back to reading my Fortune Telling book.I am half way through and, I want to finish it so I can read my magical Creatures book I have been wanting to read it for some time and I want a head start on my classes.
After a while I felt kind of tired and looked at my clock, it said 8:34pm. "I want to go to bed now...but its too early..." I told my-self over and over. After awhile of debating i went down-stairs and made my favorite tea, and for some reason it makes me tired when I drink it so it helps me fall asleep. When I felt tired i changed into my pajamas and fell asleep.

I had this weird dream that i was in London at the new house and I saw a wolf outside of the house waiting for me... I didn't know why though, it came over and licked me then it ran away... I was confused and a little sad it was gone it almost seemed it liked me, even though I had never seen it in my life.
After that I woke up...

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