Hey , This Is About 3 Girls Who Are Abused By There Parents, And They Live Through It And Eventually Find A New Life Of Adventure , Excitement But Also Hardship And Pain , But Most Important Of All , They Find A Strong Bonding Freindship In Each Other.

Chapter 3

Alexa's P.O.V.

by: Apathy_
Waking up early isn't fun on the best of days. Waking up with your hag of a mother screeching unceremoniously into your drowsy ear is quite unpleasant.


I opened my eyes slowly, letting them adjust to the light. Squinting slightly, I hauled myself up out of the bed; or matress would probably be the more appropriate term; and looked around at my two sisters. One of my sisters, Jane, has already gotten up. The other, Darcy was just sitting up in bed now. I leapt from the bed and grabbed a mop from the corner of the room. Time to get cleaning.

What fun.

The floor was simple, creaky, rotting wood. I ran the mop over it quickly; recently, I'd been becoming more and more fearful that it would collapse. Picking up the bucket of hot, soapy water, I rushed from the room to the stairs, and continued down until I had reached the kitchen.

There sat my father, in all his unshaven glory. A newspaper balanced on a carton of eggs in front of him, he looked up at me. His eyes glinted manically. I weaved through the chairs, and as I passed him, he reached out a hand and slapped my ass. I winced.


The soapy water swirled quickly down the sink. I turned the bucket upside down to drain it, and rushed past my father as quickly as possible. Halfway up the stairs, he yelled up after me;


I looked down at my stomach automatically. I wasn't fat, was I? The usual curvy figure greeted me. I sighed in relief.

Bursting into the room, I grabbed my uniform hastily. A pleated skirt, a crumpled, half see-through blouse, a tie and a poorly made jumper. All several sizes too small, they clung to my skin uncomfortably. I looked across at my sisters. Darcy's uniform was the opposite of mine; slightly on the large side. Jane's was, too. I resented looking like a slut....But hey. At least it got me attention.

I ran the ancient brush through my long, wavy auburn hair. It soon settled into a rippling, smooth river down my back. I smiled as I applied lip gloss quickly, closely followed by some mascara.

Jane and Darcy were already awaiting me; I was always the last to be ready. Adjusting my skirt slightly, I turned to them. We walked down the stairs slowly.

We didn't ever want to get to the bottom.

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