Hey , This Is About 3 Girls Who Are Abused By There Parents, And They Live Through It And Eventually Find A New Life Of Adventure , Excitement But Also Hardship And Pain , But Most Important Of All , They Find A Strong Bonding Freindship In Each Other.

Chapter 12

Alexa's POV

by: Apathy_
Whispers followed me throughout the hall, and I frowned, confused.

"What're you staring at?" I snapped at a girl who I recognised from Jane's class. She winced and looked away; but not before I caught a glimpse of pity in her eyes. Pity.

That was when I decided that I had to get to the bottom of this.

I hate being pitied.

I spent ages trying to get people to answer my questions, but barely anyone could look at me straight. I slowly grew ever more agitated, questioning more and more people.

That is, until a redhead about three years older than me beckoned me over.
She looked intimidated by me, despite the age gap.

"What's going on?" I snapped at her. I could feel myself glaring at her. but I didn't particularly care. I wanted to know why people were avoiding me like the plague.

And then she told me. Told me how she saw my sisters scars and burns and bruises. Told me how the rumours were flying.

Told me how everyone thought that Jane had a secret boyfriend who was hurting her.

I could have laughed. Not in a cruel way. In an ironic way. Because, of course, nothing could be farther than the truth, could it?

Of course, I had to brush the rumours off.

"Oh, yeah, that," I replied, shrugging indiferrently. "Jane was out the other night. Got mugged. Wasn't too bad. She didn't have to go to hospital or anything. But she doesn't want anyone to know. So don't tell anyone, right?"

The girl nodded and promised she wouldn't tell anyone. It would be our little secret.

Of course, by making it a secret, I was making sure that the whole school would know.

Because I was a genius.

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