Hey , This Is About 3 Girls Who Are Abused By There Parents, And They Live Through It And Eventually Find A New Life Of Adventure , Excitement But Also Hardship And Pain , But Most Important Of All , They Find A Strong Bonding Freindship In Each Other.

Chapter 1

Jane's Pov.

I Groaned As I Got Up. I Was Lieing In Bed , Well , On Some Old Hay My Father Had Stolen From A Barn Once. My Sisters Slept The Same Way.

"GIRLS! GET STARTED ON YOUR DAMNIN' CHORES" Shreiks My Mother From Downstairs. I Yawned , Rubbing My Aching Head. I Stood Up , Wearing My Dirty , Old , Tight Ragged Clothes. I Picked Up The Old Cloth And The 'Flash!' Bleach Bottle Beside My Bed. I Sprayed Some Onto The Cloth And Knelt Down , Scrubbing The Creaky Wooden Floor Hard. I Looked Up And Saw My Sisters Doing The Same , "GIRLS! GET YOUR FAT BUTTS READY FOR SCHOOL YOU LIL' TWERPS!" Screams My Loony Dad From Downstairs. We All Put On Our Crumpled, Old Uniforms And Hugged Each Other Hard. We Put On Some Old Lipgloss , Brushed Our Hair With A Broken Brush And Put On Some Stolen Badges Onto Our Blazers And Some On Our Skirts. We Had To Look Normal, Mother And Father Had Drummed It Into Us That If We Ever Gave Anybody The Slightest Reason To Think That They Were Hitting Us , They Would Kill Us , Slowly , Painful , Making Us Regret Every Minuite We Chose To Disobey Them.
This Was Followed With A Brutal Beating.
We Had Never Been So Scared Until Then....

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