Power of the Pen

A story by me, hallelujaaaahh :D I mean, like whuuuuut. How did I steal the time to write this I should be studying and getting better grades but tadaaaa.

Chapter 2

Chapter Two: Power of the Pen

I lied when I said this is gonna be a oneshot 'cause I'm like delusional. Ehh. LPA, so we were suspended. Daaaamn.


Have I ever been misused so bad?

I can't even remember. All that I know of, is that my inner body, where the ink lies, has this slip of light green paper with her last name written by yours truly on it.

Well, yes. That isn't so important now, is it? But it is. Kind of. Maybe.

Someone stepped on me, actually skidded me against the floor with his body weight - which is luckily light compared to her - and kicked me against the wall. Cursing me a little bit, he inched closer, anyway.

He picked me up and inspected me.

The guy must have noticed -- and I have noticed that he was also pale, like her -- the letters on the paper as his eyebrows rose. Unscrewing my cap, he pulled my inner body and took the paper in his hands. He pronounced the surname without difficulty, as if he had been uttering it out loud for a long time, and put it back inside of me. A smile seemed to have appeared on his face.

Luckily, he did not jam me into his pocket just like the way she did. Instead, he kept me sheltered in his bony hands. Boy, was he thin.

He entered his classroom and did not immediately return to his seat, just like she used to do. The boy went straight to this circle of group and showed me.

"Look!" he exclaimed, smirking as he rolled me around his pointer finger and thumb.

"What's that?" said the miniature one.

"A ballpen, duh!" one boy who had ears that stuck out said, thumping the little one upside the head. The one who picked me up from the ground shook his head with a little chuckle.

"Look closer!" He emphasized his hold on me.

"What about it?"

"The name!"

That got them. They lowered their head and inspected me closely. "I can't see."

"A--A-- uhh?"

"I can't pronounce it."

"Is that even a word?

"WAIT A MINUTE!" the small one yelled, gathering their attention. "I know who has that last name!"

"Yeah?" grinned The-Boy-Who-Picked-Me-Up.

"It's her," Oh-Little-One knowingly smiled and wagged his eyebrows.

"Is this who I think it is?" Boy-Whose-Ears-Stuck-Out piped up.

"Okay, I can not relate." interjected another who I didn't really notice.

I was snatched from The-Pale-Dude's/The-One-Who-Picked-Me-Up's grip and pressed so closely on the little one's nose.

"I'm talking short hair and acne," provided -Oh-Little-One for that dude.

"... still none."

"She pierces your gaze, and she likes talking about Li'l Peter here,"

"Yeah, she's weird and loud." said The-One-Who-Picked-Me-Up also known as Peter. "I didn't even know her."

"Then how'd you know its hers?" asked Boy-Who-I-Do-Not-Give-a-Damn-About.

"She has her name on that pen,"

"How'd you know it's her name if you didn't know her?"

Peter shook his head again. Oh-Little-One rolled his eyes. "She's loud, Dude. She's loud. As in she'll start screaming in the middle of the halls about how annoying Holden Caulfield is and how weird people who have no leg hair are, and actually start laughing so hard about it like a pig."

"Okay, I'm lost," Dude-Who-Had-Ears-that-Stuck-Out said. "Who's Holden What'shisname?



Okay, so it all happened very fast and I'm not exactly sure how. But this slightly wide boy's head whipped around and he narrowed his eyes at our group. Yes, our group. He started waddling towards us. "You've read Catcher in the Rye?"

"What?" they were all synchronized. Impressive. But I've seen the cover of that book... she has a copy of it.

"That's where Holden is." was the answer.

Peter took hold of the situation and coolly said, "Never heard of that."

"But you just mentioned him."

"I was telling a story about your friend,"

"My friend?"

"Yeah," Peter replied in the affirmative. "The one who noticed I was always on the second floor."

"Ohh. Potassium, yeah. What about her?"

"You tell me."

"She has a crush on you."

Woah. Okay. That kind of blew, even for me. No one knew about her crush on this guy, and she never even implied it to anyone. But there was one time when she did tell the newfound idiot about seeing The-One-Who-Picked-Me-Up on the second floor from time to time...

"Really now."

"Why do you like hearing about it?" Smugly, the Waddler crossed his arms.

"That's because I don't."

And that was when I blocked them out. My dear girl - she's ruined. This makes her nervous, people knowing about her. The Waddler was an idiot, and if I could, I would have splashed all my ink on him. Darned bastard.


At the usual time, Peter and his cronies took their break. Wow. Different handler but almost the same schedule. but this time, I was actually being held right and scarcely used!

Honestly, this guy was a lazy note-taker.

He rolled me around on his fingers as he walked through the corridor. As we passed by the shed, I heard a familiar voice...

"It's like your stomach is Hermione's bag!" said a deeper voice, lower than the girl's. But she was always with him.

"What's Hermione's bag actually called?" said the other who looked like a grandfather with a terrible posture; he was always slumping.

"Hermione's bag!" laughed The-Girl-that-Previously-Owned-Me. Seriously - she did laugh. Really loudly and shrilly. "Hahahaha! But honestly, I really am getting fatter. It's just food is so great,"

She spoke so loudly that even I heard it as I entered the co-op with the guy. He was with his friend - the second floor dude he always went upstairs for.

"Hey, can you treat me with a new ballpen? Pleaaaase?" she said, grinning as they entered the co-op's chip changing place.

"No," was he blunt response of the taller and handsome one who looked as if he could be her father, or at least brother. "Buy your own."

"But you're so kind!"

"Uhuh," he replied, finally pulling out his bill. I was compressed with all these people hurrying to have their money changed, so I couldn't hear. But I did hear her laugh, and the boy who always had his back slumped say, "You're so hyper today, did you drink any coffee?"

And it was followed up with. "Phoebe, stop. Please." I remember that his name was Miguel. He said the please part with sarcastic sophistication, and it made her laugh so hard, to the point that she was jumping.

"Phobe, please." That really made her blow up. Even the other guy wind up laughing.

Too bad though. This guy seemed kind of a bastard to me.

I kind of miss her.


Ughh. That guy in the story annoyed me so much. He was pointing to Kuya-First-Floor right in front of him! As in he was looking at me, grinning, and started to point to Kuya-First-Floor who looked pretty damn aware. Damn it, Dude. I'm admiring from afar, shatap. You don't even know the story. I can't even remember what I told him. Haaaiiist-uh.

I feel so angry right now. Haha. Raaaiiin, come on. Come now, you have to suspend the classes.

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