Through Weathered Eyes

For the Quibblo contest.

A lot of you don't even know half of the drama that happens to some people in high school. I can safely say I don't miss it at all, but I was sort of like this inanimate object, observing some things about certain kids. And when you realise somethings, you don't even want to be the one to "call it."

I hope it's not too boring! Enjoy.

Chapter 5


by: TheGrouch
"We need to clean out storage. Mettle, you and two others go and throw the old rickety desks and miscellaneous crap out."

"Yes sir."

50 minutes later...

"Check out this desk, Mettle! Totally trashed. There's all kinds of writings on it. There are even telephone numbers on it! I wonder if they still work!"

When Mettle looks at the desk, he is star-struck, so to speak.

"Holy mackerel. I remember this desk. You could never forget a thing like this. It was a treasure. Helped me get through the day, you know? When I was high or hungover I would always think 'Dang, if this desk is still here, I'll definitely be ere for awhile.' I want to try these phone numbers. People keep them nowadays."

"Hello this is Kennedy Highon."

"Federico Montajo speaking."

"This is Janelle. Leave a message."

"Andrea Lugizzi. Who is this?"

"This is James Mettle. Did you write your phone number on a desk in high school?"

The End.

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