Through Weathered Eyes

For the Quibblo contest.

A lot of you don't even know half of the drama that happens to some people in high school. I can safely say I don't miss it at all, but I was sort of like this inanimate object, observing some things about certain kids. And when you realise somethings, you don't even want to be the one to "call it."

I hope it's not too boring! Enjoy.

Chapter 3

Day 110 - The Tides Turn

by: TheGrouch
There was bad news all around. Standardised testing began. Students I had never seen before we're drawing on me, shaking me, and violating me in all kinds of ways. I had accumulated more gum than I thought imaginable, and I had become disgusted with myself - and with the students. Where was the due respect for a sturdy, well-worn desk like myself? I guess it went down the gutter with my hopes and dreams of becoming a rocking chair - but that's another story for another time.

I was more concerned about the kids.

Something changed the day the kids came back, after testing had finished. Kennedy wasn't nearly as peppy. She slouched in her chair a little bit, and she wore a big sweatshirt. And kept covering her face. Granted, Ms. Rummer just put a movie in for the day ("The Perks of Being a Wallflower"), but Kennedy's entire demeanour was changed. And then I felt it. Something moved inside. Kennedy was - I couldn't even bring myself to think such a thing.

James watched the movie in class too, but he seemed even more angry than usual. He wrote a note during the movie:

"I don't want anything thing to do with your child. I don't want anything to do with you. I just want to forget what happened, to pretend it never did happen. It was a mistake..."

He left it underneath the desk. Was Janelle pregnant?

No, Janelle was definitely not "with child." She stormed into class and asked Ms. Rummer if she could go to the nurse. She was having a mental breakdown, she said. When Ms. Rummer asked why, "You would too if he cheated on you." and she stormed out of class. I was beginning to realise how accurately I had called it from the beginning.

Freddy was all nervous smiles in class. He was happy to watch a movie; he told the girl next to him that he couldn't think for another month after the tests they took. "Unthinkable. Nerve-racking, and I would know."

Andrea found James' note in class. I could feel his anger, through the heat of his hands, grow with every word. It could be untrue, I wanted to tell him. I wanted him to know I was on his side, but I could only sit and watch sympathetically. He wrote one note, the last one I ever saw.

"So that's where you were."

During the free period my mind was swimming with the terrors of the day. But I got one larger issue, the worst possible thing to happen when I was already distressed.

Early retirement.

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