Through Weathered Eyes

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A lot of you don't even know half of the drama that happens to some people in high school. I can safely say I don't miss it at all, but I was sort of like this inanimate object, observing some things about certain kids. And when you realise somethings, you don't even want to be the one to "call it."

I hope it's not too boring! Enjoy.

Chapter 2

Day 90 - Halfway There

by: TheGrouch
There were ninety days behind us, and I learned quite a bit about the five freshmen that occupied my desk throughout the school day. I was a second home to them, and I'm sure I knew more than their couches and their parents knew. I've been at this for years you know, people watching, but I have to say, this group was awfully interesting. I began to get the feeling that they all knew each other, but I don't think they all liked each other.

Kennedy, wow. She was so wonderful. She was probably Ms. Rummer's best student in the history of the old broad's students. She turned everything in on time, finished every test with beautiful answers that received full points, and she seemed to like everyone. She must have been glad to be out of middle school - let me tell you, that place is the complete opposite of heaven, where Kennedy is going. But honestly, I was really hoping she would get together with Andrea - they were both terribly charming.

I figured James and Janelle were a suitable match for one another - they were both a pain. Neither of them turned in their homework on time (if at all), and they seemed to write to each other... through me. From the first day I thought Janelle's carving the letters "JM" into my right corner was too coincidental. Sure enough, the two began writing each other suggestive notes. They regularly met at 1006 NE Gingham Lane. If I was more traveled I would know where that was (I've been at Carten High School for almost 25 years now). I wish I hadn't known what they were up to, but I did know. It was unmentionable business. Some kids think once they're I'm high school they can disrespect and do all sorts of illegal things. Well, if I had more of a say, they would be sorry. Nasty delinquents.

Freddy never eased up. I wonder if he takes anxiety medication now. He definitely didn't when he was younger, that's for sure. He always turned his work in on time, and he always did well on tests, giving well thought out answers, but he never stopped shaking. Every time he put his hands on me my entire body down to my legs nearly shook rapidly. And when Freddy gave presentations in front of the class (which had nothing to do with the curriculum; Ms. Rummer just always felt the need for public speaking), his body shook back and forth and he sounded like he was on the brink of tears.

Andrea became a handful. He never turned work in on time and he never did well on his tests. Yet, his report card always blared straight As. It was horrific. He was, however, extremely charismatic. He even handled me in such a way that I hardly minded his underachieving manner. He wrote gracefully and he presented beautifully. And he did start to take a liking to Kennedy Caplan; the two of them began leaving notes to each other under the desk.

During Ms. Rummer's free period I often imagined Kennedy and Andrea having a love like that of Romeo and Juliet. It seemed forbidden the way they handled their notes to one another. I don't believe Freddy found love that first year; he hardly even tried to speak to girls. I remember he once did speak to the girl next to him, and I got the feeling he was going to faint, the poor thing. I often imagined Janelle getting pregnant and James dropping out of school to support her and his child too. Free period was the door to my over-active imagination.

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