Starry Eyed(An Ellie Goulding Fanfiction)

Starry Eyed(An Ellie Goulding Fanfiction)

Next thing. We're touching. You look at me it's like you hit me with lightning. Oh oh! Everybody's Starry Eyed!, were the words ringing in my head. I was also singing aloud in class,which got my teacher amazed. I sounded like Ellie Goulding according to my best friend Sydney. I wasn't British,I was American. But my singing sounded British. She was pushing me to join chorus,so I did. The chorus teacher was amazed at my talent. Sydney was right. Maybe I was Ellie Goulding?Who knew?I must be Ellie.

Chapter 1

I'm...Elena 'Ellie' Jane Goulding?

My looks were like Ellie Goulding's. I was her exact look-alike. But no,I didn't know her. I wasn't British. I was American. "Greyson,you're voice is like Ellie Goulding's!",said Sydney. It was such a shocker. Why?! Well,who knew. "Sydney,we gotta go. We're about to be late,"I said,pulling the strap of my satchel over my shoulder and running off to the class where Miss Cadence(We use her first name,not her last for some reason.) was waiting by the door.

"Sydney!Greyson! Thank goodness you made it! Right before the bell too! Greyson,you may be going to Britain!" "Woah! Britain!" My voice was beginning to become English. "Well,my voice doesn't matter,just as long as Sydney can come too!" Sydney had Adele's voice,accent,and looks,so we were even. We were called Adele and Ellie for our looks. Mainly Sydney was called Adele 21 from the way she sings. Maybe she was Adele and I was Ellie Goulding?

Well,all I know is this trip to England was going to be fun! I've always wanted to see Big Ben! Oh,this is perfect! "Sydney's going too. You two are to come back,unless you two really are Adele Laurie Blue Adkins and Ellie Jane Goulding!" Miss Cadence had a point. Maybe we really were Ellie Jane Goulding and Adele Laurie Blue Adkins. Infact,now I lost my complete American accent. I sounded just like Ellie Goulding. It couldn't be me. I saw her perform her two years ago!

Wait...I wasn't in the audience...I was on the stage singing! Oh my God! I really am Ellie Jane Goulding! I'm the Ellie Goulding in the flesh and blood! "Well,what are we going to do in class,Miss Cadence?" Sydney asked,sighing a bit. "Warm-ups with scales,and then you two can get some songs ready for your trip to England,"she said. England! That means I'm going home! Just marvelous! I missed home dearly! If I remember,when Adele performed three years ago...It was Sydney! We're the two Enlgish musicians!! We have to keep this a secret,if not,we'll be paraded with paparazzi.


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