Freak like me (Joker fanfic thingy by moi, read ze intro)

Name: Jazmine Falcon
Alias: Terror
Home: Arkham city
Currently living at: Arkham Asylum
Current appearance: Pale/white skin, 6 deep scars, 3 vertical lines on top lip, 3 on bottom, red straggly hair, constant crazed look. One eye was damaged and is completely white.

Chapter 1

Arkham's flower

'Get your hands off me you filthy little men' Jazmine struggled against the grip of the men in white coats, she was shoved into a dirty straight jacket and pushed into a chair on one side of a table. She waited for a minute or two before a young man sat in the chair opposite and took off his glasses, 'Evening Jazmine' he said and she hissed at him but the man didn't even blink an eyelid, 'I'm Dr Crane' 'Yeah i know who you are, you run this nut house' she shuffled in her jacket so her face was as close to his as she could get it, 'I don't think i belong here' 'Well your friend Bruce insisted this is the best place for a pretty little flower like you' Jaz grimaced at this, Bruce, yeah she remembered him, they were friends back when she was pretty, she thought of her days as a model and her millionaire best friend, but his money didn't matter to her then, he went away for over 7 years and she thought he was dead, when he came back her face had been carved and she wasn't his 'pretty little flower' anymore, he called Dr Crane and now she's stuck in the loony bin. 'I don't care what-' she put on a mocking voice, '-Bruce Wayne, thinks should be done' she began hissing again, 'I say let me out i don't belong here' Crane battered his eye lashes which protected a pair of dazzling bright blue eyes, returned his glasses to his face and stood up and left the room without another word. Jazmine's eyes darted around and she had yet another sleepless night.
A small dirty window in the middle of the white door that blocked Jazmine from the outside world for 'her own safety' let her see some of the goings on of Arkham asylum. People screaming, shouting and cursing, fights and evil stares. A man, with green hair as straggly as hers with his face painted up like a clown looked straight through the window and into Jazmine's eyes, the coldness was welcomed by her and she found herself smiling. The heavy white door was pulled open and the man was thrown in, his face hit the floor and the door was closed by a guard saying coldly 'Play nice'. Jaz looked down at the man on the floor who slowly lifted his with a groan and climbed onto the bed (a hard board with a pillow and blanket) next to her. 'Are you ok?' she asked, Jazmine never like to show any real emotion or be kind in anyway, 'mhmm' the man wiped the stream of blood from his nose, 'The Joker' he held out his bloody hand for her to shake, she did then wiped the blood off on her orange overalls. At Jaz's confused expression he began to explain, 'That's what they call me' he liked his lips, 'They-' Jazmine gestured to the door '- Call me Jazmine' 'So i'll call you?' Joker asked, 'Terror'
'You have a lovely smile' She told Joker, up close she could see his scared face and her comment wasn't sarcastic in the slightest. 'And you have lovely eyes' He complimented her back, 'Hey, wanna know how i got these scars?' Jaz wasn't curious at all but he began his story anyways, as he told it his fingers twitch, clearly missing a knife or something, he told a story that Jazmine was sure was a lie but she went along with it. 'Ok' she said at the end, he eyes narrowed and she asked, 'Wanna know how i got mine?'

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