Being A Pencil Isn't Fun

Here is the character who owns the main character "Pencil":

Hailey Targoher
Nice, Friendly, Hot -Tempered at times.

Chapter 1

First Day Of School

by: hawktal0n
Ahh...getting taken out of that crammed box feels really nice. Because, if you were stuck in a box with 23 other pencils, it would be crowded. But anyways, I'm a pencil, if you don't know that already. I don't have a name, age, or birth-date. Well, I have a birth-date if you count when I was made...that was on July 17, 2012. But, right now, I'm seeing other pencils being taken out. Oh, I forgot to mention that I am not a normal colored pencil. I am an orange and black zebra striped pencil. But, right now, I am getting picked up and now carried to a pencil sharpener.

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