Life as a notebook isn't easy.

Life as a notebook isn't easy.

Me and Violet are writing a group story about a note book ( AKA a doodle notebook) named Vanessa who belongs to a girl with the same name who is a freshman in high school. Have fun reading this!

Chapter 2

Life as a notebook part two (By JinkedByYou)

I was kept there pretty much five years. Okay not five years but it sure felt like it.No one ever seemed to even look at me. I was just put down on a shelve for about a year. Finally Vanessa picked me up and started writing on me. She wrote "high school is too much for me sorry but I had to drop out there was no other choice." I was wondering why a girl like her would drop out. She was an A+ student! I was just sick and tired of the drama. It was too hard to take in. She brought the page to her mom and dad. First came confusion, then yelling from everyone of them. I ended up being thrown across the room. Not a shocker though. She picked me up and gave her mom and dad one last evil look and stomped upstairs. I heard one of them say Vanessa was hanging out with the wrong crowd and this would have never happened if she found someone else. I got thrown across the room again. I knew something was going to happen at that moment, I just knew it. The page that I fell on was one of her drawings. Of her as an artist. She picked me up. She started making phone calls.She signed up for art classes.The teachers were amazed by what she could draw.She put me down and started to draw on other things. After three years they really knew her talent they even took some of my pages and kept them. They knew her grades were not as good as they could be but she had the talent to do this.

But she never would have been there without me
Vanessa the notebook

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