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Chapter 1

Look down again

by: WiseGirl_
Okay. I have a fairly genius idea for an RP. It's the year 2042, a dictatorship has taken over the US government after the collapse of the stock exchange. When people stood up and rebelled against this, they were killed, their own children taken and placed in prison camps-turned testing facilities. There, the children are tested on. They become "Experiments." Different drugs are tested on them, drugs to make better soldiers, stronger humans, a new race. Only, they don't know. All they know is they need to escape before they turn 18.

Here's a snippet from the story the idea came from if it helps any.

Nick was already up and doing pull ups off his bunk. I rolled my eyes. He had a desperate plan to escape. If he got strong enough he could overpower the drones and make a break for it. Elle was busy oogling Nick with Rose. Grahm was still fast asleep. He was probably dreaming of Laura. Laura was his older sister. They had killed her, she was rebellious. She fought back. It was her who gave Nick his idea. It was Laura that had taught me everything I knew. She had been sixteen when I got here. More experienced, older, a role model, a big sister. Grahm was now sixteen. They had no use for adults as lab rats. As soon as her eighteenth birthday came, she got a lethal injection.  
We were sorted by age groups. 14-18 is where I was at. The last age group. You never lived past eighteen. Will was the closest. He was seventeen. Grahm, Elle, Nick, Cooper and I were all sixteen. Rose and Lynn were fifteen. We had all been taken at differnt ages, at different times, but all for the sake reason. Our parents. When the uprising against the governement had started in 2042 all of our parents had played a role. Nick and I were the two children of resistance leaders. They gave speeches, ran underground smuggling rings of contriband goods. Things the government had outlawed. Grahm was the son of a writer. His father spoke out through the written word. Rose was the daughter of two ex-senators. Lynn and Elle were the two children of expert hackers who called themselves hack-tivists. They infiltrated government sites and spoke the truth. Will was the son of an ambassador from England who was in the wrong place at the wrong time and got swept up into the Rebellion. Lastly was Coop. His mother was the mistress of the president. She learned all the secrets, and she gave them to the resistance to use against him.

So basically all you do is create a character between the ages of 14 and 18. Try to follow this format when making the characters information-

Name: [insert name of choice]. Age: [insert age here]. Looks: [insert looks here]. Other: [any random details]

It's fairly simple. Please capitalize your name on there (pet peev of mine)


Password: experiments

Kira the admin password is my magic number

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