I've Waited For A Girl Like You (A One Direction Love Story) Finished

I've Waited For A Girl Like You (A One Direction Love Story) Finished

Alison Wright aka Ali Wright is from and lives in Doncaster, England. She is 20 years old. She owns a cafe called Ali's English Deli. Her mum gave her it when she was 18. Louis Tomlinson Ali's best friend left to audition for the Xfactor the same year. 2 years later Louis is in a band called One Direction. Ali has not seen him since the day he left. But then he invites her to his flat in London to catch up. But what will happen when one of the boys falls for her and she falls for different one?

Chapter 1

Louis Here I Come

"Mum are you sure you can handle this for this long? I am going to gone for awhile. Maybe I should change the airplane ticket to arrive sooner." I said.

"No! You need to go to London and have fun with Louis! You have not seen him in 2 years love! You need to spend as much time with him as possible. Oh and I used to own this cafe I think I got it." She said and hugged me tight.

"Are you sure?" I asked.

"Yes! No go home and pack and get on that plane!" She demanded.

"Yes mum!" I said.

And I headed out the door of the cafe. I turned around and took a last good look at the outside of the cafe. I am sure going to miss it. I enjoyed waking up every morning, getting ready, and starting a new day at the cafe. Louis was here for the first 3 months I had it. He even would help out there. He really was best friend I could ever ask for. What am I saying he still is! Yah sure he probably gets on well with the other boys in the band but I am will always be Louis best friend. Well best friend thats a girl. He told that he gets on well with a lad named Harry. Apparently he is the curly one in the band. That's what Louis told me and he also told me that I would probably like Harry. I wasn't sure if he meant that we would probably became friends or I would probably fancy him. I'll have to wait to find out. I got into my car and drove back home. After I got there I ran up to my room and pulled my suitcase out from underneath my bed. I started throwing stuff in because my flight is in an hour. After I has done with that I called a taxi. It took that taxi 15 minutes to get here and then another 10 minutes to get to the airport. I ran all over that airport to just catch my flight and I made it in time. Yes! I was in first class. Louis payed for the plane ticket. I tried to convinced him that he didn't have to and I would buy it. But that didn't work. After 15 minutes of waiting the plane was in the air. I got my iPod out and listen to of course One Direction. The first song that came on was Stand Up. I still don't know who's voice is who's. I only know Louis's. Then I listen to Stole My Heart. That is probably my favorite song by them. I must of fell asleep for a while because when I woke we had just landed. I got up and grabbed my bag and got off the plane. And right when I got off Louis was right there.

"Ali Bear!!!" He shouted.

"Louis Pooey!" I shouted back.

He put his finger to my lips.

"Shh... I don't want people to know my nickname." He whispered.

"Okay... can I have a hug now?" I whispered.

"Absolutely!" He whispered.

And then he hugged me tight.

"Why are we whispering?" I whispered.

"I honestly don't know." He whispered back.

"Okay thats enough. But do you still love carrots?" I asked.

He looked completely shocked. He probably was thinking that I am a crazy person right now. I am a crazy person for asking that question.

"I can't believe you asked such a question! Of course I still love them!" He said.

"Good." I said.

I then reached in my bag and pulled out a little bag of carrots from the market back home.

"I got them from your favorite place in Doncaster." I said.

His face lit up. He grabbed them from my hand and opened them and stuffed a whole bunch of them in his mouth and he also put some up his nose. A lot of people were staring at us but I didn't care. I am happy to be with him again. He then put his arm around me and we started walking to the baggage claim. After 5 minutes of waiting we got my striped suitcase.

"Stripes!" Shouted Louis.

"Yes I bought this a year ago because it reminded me of you." I said.

He smiled at me and took my hand. We walked to the outside of the airport and he stopped at a Range Rover.

"Nice car." I said.

"Oh it's not mine it's Harry's." He said and got into the car.

I got in next and was confused.

"Wait I thought you have a car." I said.

"I do. But sometimes I like to borrow his car and he likes to borrow my car." He said,

"Oh okay." I replied.

Hey readers what do you think? Is it good? Does it suck? Please comment below on what you think!:)

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