Fallen Fangs

The shockingly true story of the historic vampire war around NYC.

Not actually true

Chapter 3

Jessibelle Talk - Private 2

by: Limes
The darkness pressed close around me, welcoming me like an old, fond friend. My legs would have burned in another life but right now I jogged down the street, my senses on high alert as I darted down the street silently. Each movement added to the adrenaline already pumping through my body. The comforting bounce of my sword against my hip was my only companion as I kept my eyes peeled for the pale faces of those thirsting for my blood.

I welcomed this exhilaration. If I didn’t I wouldn’t be right where I wasn’t supposed to be. My commander had made it very clear that this was restricted territory, in other words, the territory that was not ours, but where was the fun in hunting around the same old New York streets around the same old vampires. In fact, it was maddeningly slow. And so tonight I had disappeared into the Sango-Ĉasisto’s territory and found the souls that would sustain me for the week. And I had yet to run into one of the blood-sucking leeches that prowled the streets.

In fact, I didn’t encounter anything, living or dead, in the dark alleyways until I slipped unseen past the border into Animo- Ŝtelistoj territory. I was confronted immediately with a tall, lanky figure. I halted hastily, running pale hands through my dark, curly hair. I hoped I didn’t look too disheveled from the night of hunting the lost the sick and the weary.

“Jessibelle Talk! Where have you been?”

I relaxed, letting out a sigh of relief, “Oh, it’s just you.”

Andy’s features became visible, his thickly muscled arms, his shaggy dark hair and his shining green eyes. “Don’t brush me off, this is serious, I could turn you in.”

I scowled at him, starting past his dark form and toward the underground barracks that I was assigned to. “Yeah, you could.” I called casually, “But you won’t.”

“What makes you say that?”

“You’ve never turned me in before.”

He fell into step beside me shaking his head, “One of these days I will. You know you deserve it.”

I grinned and punched him playfully on the arm, “Ah, but that doesn’t matter, what matters is that you could never live with yourself if you turned me in. Because I’d be dead and nobody else would want to be seen with you.”

He rolled his eyes, crossing his arms, “Yeah, because you’re the only one with a lower rank than me.”

I scowled and opened my mouth to say something but it was cut short by something heavy ramming into my chest. A grunt slipped past my lips and I heard Andy cry out in alarm. The figure on my chest reared back, sharp white fangs glinting in the faint light of the moon. It was a male vampire, his hands reaching for my throat.

I rolled violently, my muscles tensing as I put all of my strength into throwing him away from me. A sharp nail caught the side of my face but I ignored the pain that accompanied it. In an instant I was on top of him, my own fangs prepared to leech him of the bitter, thin soul that all vampires possessed. Then, in an instant of utter confusion, something hit me upside the head and I flew away from him, my head knocking against the rough pavement. Something warm trickled down my neck and I found myself sinking into the darkness, my awareness fading.

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