This is for ANYONE of my friends who is thinking of deleting.

Chapter 1

Do not delete.

Please don't delete,
It's breaking my heart,
I'm so sorry for anything,
That has caused you harm.

Was it something I said,
Or a convo gone wrong?
I can't believe your even thinking
of going for so long.

I'm very sorry for your sadness,
your losses, and your pain,
but believe me when I say,
that it will all work out again.

Deleting is not the answer,
so don't do it please.
If you did it'd be like something,
is giving my life a bad drink.

I'd go crazy and mental,
if you ever thought of deleting,
I would never forgive myself,
and my heart would be bleeding.

So please don't delete,
now that you know it's true,
Please don't delete
Because I love you.

**Dedicated to all of my friends who have deleted. Please come back to us.**

**Please Don't leave me.**


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