Aphrodite Demi-God Story

Evangaleen Lovers-The daughter of Aphrodite(Goddess of love and Beauty)
Very beautiful(duhh), mid waist- blond hair,petite, like 5'3, 90lbs., very dark green eyes with blue and gold streaks. 16 years old.
Fierce, short tempered, doesnt care what people think., very nice when you get to know her, does not want to get on her bad side

*The story starts before she knows shes a demi god

Chapter 5

Our Date

My long hair was lightly blowing in the wind, My green dress catching the air a lifting up.
"Hey, Jacob." I smiled as he turned around.
"You look great" He replied, I said thankyou and we got down on the boat and he started rowing, his muscles rippling every time hed take a stroke. We made small talk, and in 20 minutes or so I found ourselfs in the middle of lake and him holding me. Jacob looked into my dark green eyes and I looked into his.
"You have the most beautiful eyes I have ever saw" He complimented. I smiled.
"Why don't we go for a swim?" he offered. It was so hot out, I took off my dress reavling my small green bikini and my tanned flat stomach. Then I felt hands on my waist and within seconds I was being pushed into the refreshing water. I gasped for air and moved my hair away from my face.
"You could've killed me!" I yelled and splashed him. He was laughing on the boat. I took the boat and rocked it so he lost his balance and fell. He grabbed my leg under water and pulled me down the lightly kissed my cheek under water.
We came up holding each other my back was against the boat and his arms around me, he kissed me, and I kissed back. with water going down our faces, it was the most romantice thing ever. I grabbed his sholders and pushed him down under the water and laughed.
"Okay, that wasnt nice" he joked, and met me under water with a cool, wet kiss. We got back into the boat and sat there with his arm around my and my head on his chest.
"Do you think we should go back?" I asked, not ever wanting to move.
"i don't think they will miss us." he replied, then we heard the bell that signaled dinner and after another game.
"I guess we have to go" he said relactantly, he rowed back and once we got onto shore he held me and we kissed one last time before we had to go back to reality. Once we ate dinner we played once again hide and seek, this time Ares was looking and once again I left the others in the dust. I ran around trying to find a good spot and just as others started to come I climbed up into a really big tree. I saw jacob come and look up he saw me, but had a terrified look in his face, he pointed behind me I turned around and screamed. I fell back falling from the huge hieghts of the trees, just as the scary, monstouros half bird half human moster thing caught me. I sliced my sword around and Jacob shot it with arrows. It clawed my arms leaving huge gashes and hit my on the side of my head, I was just blacking out as I sawit flying away and Jacob carrying me to the hosppital.

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