Aphrodite Demi-God Story

Evangaleen Lovers-The daughter of Aphrodite(Goddess of love and Beauty)
Very beautiful(duhh), mid waist- blond hair,petite, like 5'3, 90lbs., very dark green eyes with blue and gold streaks. 16 years old.
Fierce, short tempered, doesnt care what people think., very nice when you get to know her, does not want to get on her bad side

*The story starts before she knows shes a demi god

Chapter 3

The Game and The Night

I looked around frantically, trying to find a very good place to hide, I didn't want to fight anyone. I looked around and finally I found a very small hiding place in a faallen log, that was in the middle of a huge pile of branches and leaves, just by the time I got settled the rest of the members came running, I knew I had a very long wait. The others didnt even glance my direction, I was hoping Hermes wouldnt either, then the ten min. bell rang and I could hear them coming. I saw them fight with others some would win some would lose, but none ever found me. I was starting to feel uncoftable in the log because it took so long, I shifted hoping I didnt make any noise, I did. But no one came, I was on my guard for awhile just paraniod. But no one came. Then as a bell rang out singnaling that every team was beat except one, the winner, me.... I slipped out of my hiding place cautiosly people ran up and cheered and clapped. Jacob came and gave me a hug, the sheepishly smile.
"Nice, first time and you won" He smiled. I accepted the compliment with great pleasure, I love winning, hey who doesnt. And apparently this is the first time an Aphro has won anything like this, everyone was really surprised. But even though my newfound fame the girls in my cabin have yet to try to like me at least a little bit. Around 11 at night when every one was in bed i snuck out and went down the long curvy path to the lake. I sat there wondering when my family would miss me or if they would, what about Misty, I even kinda started missing Corey, well maybe not... I heard footsteps coming down the trail. I turned to see Jacob the shadows of the dim light he was holding was bouncing of his handsome face. His blazing blue eyes shinning as bright as the moon. He sat down next to me on the soft dirt, and without saying a word he took my hand and squeezed it tightly and held me as a cried into his shoulder. I fell asleep in his arms and woke up a couple hours later he was asleep to still holding me but we were laying down on the ground. I smiled and layed back down it was still very dark and the light burned out, and left us in a darkness that engulfed you. I closed my eyes and fell back asleep. I woke up to a bell ringing, I was surprised to see I was in my bed my warm blanket wrapped around me. I faintly remeber being wrapped in Jacobs muscular arms as he carried me through the darkness of the night to my cabin.
I quietly got up careful not to disturb my sleeping beatys of roommates. And slipped out of the big wooden door. Breakfast was delisious with bacon pancakes and waffles and eggs, the best i've had in awhile. I spotted Jacob in the line in front of me. I didn't want to say anything mostly because I wasnt sure if last night was reality or a wonderful dream. So I sat at my empty table eating alone.

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