Aphrodite Demi-God Story

Evangaleen Lovers-The daughter of Aphrodite(Goddess of love and Beauty)
Very beautiful(duhh), mid waist- blond hair,petite, like 5'3, 90lbs., very dark green eyes with blue and gold streaks. 16 years old.
Fierce, short tempered, doesnt care what people think., very nice when you get to know her, does not want to get on her bad side

*The story starts before she knows shes a demi god

Chapter 2

Strange Place

When i woke up I was in a weird place, I had no clue where I was. I was scared I didn't even know what happened, my head hurt so bad. I was in a wood cabin. I sat up and looked around there was many beds with a few people in them, I made eye contact with one and she smiled. I could see people coming in from the outside.
"Evangaleen Lovers..." A man said in a deep hoarse voice, except it wasn't a man He was half horse! Where the HeLl am I?
"Umm yes.." I lfted my hand akwardly. He walked over.
"Miss Lovers, you are here on account of being a half-blood, Evangaleen Lovers you are the daughter of Aphrodite the goddess of lve and beauty, Welcome to Camp Demi-God."
I coundnt believe what I was hearing wasnt apdrdity or whatever a greek thing? I don't even know.
"I don't understand.." I mummbled.
"Let Jacob show you around.." he gestured to a very handsome boy with short dark brown hair and warming brown eyes. i smiled and nodded.He showed my around the strange camp. There was 12 cabins 3 were unused due to that the major 3 gods could not have kids apparently. I learned Jacob was the son of the god Ares, The god of war. I coundnt help but hopping the tour of the camp would never end, I instanly fell in love with Jacob, he just had that way about him that could melt your heart, I loved that. He came to my cabin, there was abunch of very pretty girls, they all looked at me funny and turned away.
"Umm.. We can come back later, I'll show you the lake." he said,"I'm sorry Aphros are known to be rude and snott and cunning" I gave him a sideways glance.
"Not that you are or anything!" he quickly said. I smiled. He rowed us out to the middle of the lake in a boat.
"So can you tell me more about....me?" I asked.
He laughed,"Of course, well daughters of Aphrodite are cunning, snotty, concieded, beautiful, graceful" He looked at me. I blushed deeply and looked away. We got out of the boat, I suddenly relized he was tall at least a foot taller then me, I always think thats cute though when you have the couples were the girl is super short and the guy is super tal. I smiled to myself.
"Your so cute when you smile" He said, then quickly looked away.
"Thamks." I said. We continued my tour and then the loud shrilling of the dinner bell rang.
"Well, dinner time we have to sit with our cabins so see you later." Jacob left. He was perfect so sweet and nice, and also not to bad to look at eitheir. I filled my plate and found the table with a bunch of girls in dresses fixing their hair.
"Hi y'all" I said nicely. They gave me that 'what the heLl is she wearing' look. I quietly sat down at the long wooden table. They all started whispering and discreetly pointing at me. I tried to look for jacob at one of the many tables. I finally gave up, just as a deep howl of a horn blared across the dinning room. People started chanting and yelling, I caught peices here and there, but what I figures out was we are playing hide and seek tag....A litle kid game. Except with a twist one cabin would be it, today hermes, and the rest would hide when hermes found us we would fight until one of us lost, scary right, then the last cabin to stand won. People suited me up with a shield and a short sword. And we had 10 min. to hide somewhere in a huge forest. Most of my cabin didn't participate,well actually I was the only one. But once the bell rang out I bolted and left the teams in dust. I looked around.......TO BE CONTINUED

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