Aphrodite Demi-God Story

Evangaleen Lovers-The daughter of Aphrodite(Goddess of love and Beauty)
Very beautiful(duhh), mid waist- blond hair,petite, like 5'3, 90lbs., very dark green eyes with blue and gold streaks. 16 years old.
Fierce, short tempered, doesnt care what people think., very nice when you get to know her, does not want to get on her bad side

*The story starts before she knows shes a demi god

Chapter 1

Just the Begginnig

"Evey(her nickname)" Misty, Eveys bestfriend, yelled across the softball field. The ball comes sraight towards me, I move with quick reflexs and catch the ball with ease.
"Lucky catch' Misty smirks.
"Whatever, it ain't luck when your good" I joke, i'm not that cocky. me and Misty come out here every sunday to practice just to keep in shape. We play for South Valley High School. Misty hits a couple more that I catch easily, then I go bat. The pitching machine spits the ball out quickly and I swing perfectly and the ball soars over the fence.
"S**, Evey thats the fourth one today, I'm not going to practice with you anymore." We finished up and grabbed our bags, Misty was fixing her short red hair into a bun. I drive back to the huge house I call my home. Its a really pretty home with a white picket fence all the way around and animals in the back, my favorite the horses. of course my parents arent home, they left a note on the door.
~Eve Be home in a couple of days at conference, dinner in the fridege love, mom and dad
"Typical" I say, I walk inside putting my bag down in the middle of the grand dinning room," Hey Misty do you want to stay the night?" We walked up to my princess room
"Yeah of course, I told my parents I might cause i usually do" She stays the night alot obviosly.
My brand new Iphone(Courtesy of Mother) buzzed, Corey's named popped on the screen.
I threw the phone on my king sized bed" Why does he keep textin, can't he take a hint." hes been asking me out since the beginnig of school, its the last month of school, sad, very.
"Wow hes still at it huh?" Misty said, I smirked. We watched movies the rest of the night.

I wake up feeling very odd, not like sick odd, but like you wake up and you have no clue where you are or how you got there kinda thing, of course that made completly no since because I am sitting where i fell asleep last night, with a movie still on. I look at the clock, 7:30
*, Misty!" i yelled and threw a pillow hard at her, which hits her in the head,"Get up we ar egoing to be late for school!" Me and Misty both get up and hurry to get ready, then I drive the whole 5 miles it takes to get to school. At school I get confronted by Corey.
"Hey baby." He said.
"I am no ones baby" I confirmed.
"You can be" He hinted, I shoved past him and left. After a boring day of school, everything is soo easy for me even though i'm taking hard classes. I say goodbye to Misty who got a ride with her boyfriend Daniel. Then I leave to go home, but soon as I left the school parking lot I could feel something wrong, I don't know what it was but I never had time to figure it out because my truck suddenly went out of control and I hit my head on the wheel and everything went black. When I woke up........

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