Pierrot the Clown (Joker/OC Story)

Pierrot the Clown (Joker/OC Story)

Ok, so this is my FanFiction of the Dark Knight, It's a bit dark and has a few, ahem, naughty bits in it but it's important! Gotham has more than one hero "The Dark Masque" But will the Joker break her? Can she fight back the sweet darkness he offers her? Read and find out

Name: Lilith (Lily) Amber Carter
Alias: Dark Masque
Age: 24
Eyes: Violet with golden specks
Hair: Dark brown to black just past shoulders with bangs.
Occupation: Nurse at Gotham General

Chapter 1


“You’re just like me now doll…” The Joker whispered into her ear. His hands were wrapped around her waist, pulling her closer to his body. Closer to the dark. Animalisticly, he licked slowly up her exposed neck and nipped her ear lobe making her quiver slightly. His face still bruised and bloody from her beatings barely hours ago. He had just witnessed her downfall, the fall of the Dark Masque, the fall of one of Gotham's great knights.

“No…” Lily gasped, staring at the dead man that had caused her so much pain, the only man besides the Joker that made her feel anything at all. In her hand, she still held onto the knife she had used to slit his throat. She felt nothing but the warm tingling sensation as his life dripped away and the thrill of the kill, but she wasn’t going to admit that to him. That would make the Joker right and she couldn’t let that happen.

The clown prince of crime smirked knowingly as his hands travelled past the skirt of her corset. His fingers moved through the silky fabrics of her panties and chuckled. “…you don’t feel any of it…” he undid his fly. “… just the anger…” he shoved himself inside her, making her moan. “…And the pleasure of taking a life.” He slowly pulled in then out, pushing as far as he could into her, he wanted Lily to feel the pleasure taking a life. He wanted her to feel the pleasure as her first kill lay at her feet. “You got off on it Lilith. You’re a freak. Like me!” he ended in his trademark laugh.

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