Hetalia Pool Party ^^

Link: http://memegen.net/viewmeme.pl?meme=1075086647

Chapter 1


Name: Hungary
Awright! Pool party at ___'s house!: Romano sweet
Dragged you into the pool: Canada o.O
Kept splashing you: Austria lol
Kept checking you out: Finland EHH????
Tried to impress you by diving into the pool: Japan don hurt me Taiwan!!
Played Marco Polo with you: Spain :)
Almost drowned (XD): South Korea XD
Showed up in an inner tube and water wings: South Korea XD
Didn't swim at all: Italy EH? D:
Kept looking over at you and blushing: Finland o//////o
When it was time for you to leave, this person: Finland ...
... Came up and hugged you. They then asked you to be their boyfriend/girlfriend. EHHH?!?!?!??! O/////O

W-well, that was an interesting party........


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