Where is the Fun When You Have to Stick to the Status Quo?(Original Group Story)

By Myself, 7Rachael7, Pinkdinke, Softballfreak94 and Lolahip. Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 3

Normal Day (Crystal's and Samuel's POV)

Crystal's POV

I woke up not to an alarm but to my foster mum shouting "Crystal time to get up!" so I got up and gathered my clothes together.

Today I would wear my black skinny jeans and my sky blue tank-top and I ducked in the bathroom to have a quick shower.

When I had finished I got dry pulled on my clothes and brushed my long curly brunette hair and put on a little makeup just some blush

I headed down stairs to see my step mum in the kitchen "Crystal ive done you your favorate fruit and yogurt" So I sat down and ate then I grabed my bag and headed out the door.

When I arrived I headed to my locker when one of the cheerleaders came up to me

"You coming to my party tonight Austin said he might be there"

"Sure when do I miss a fun social occasion and Austin's not my type" then she left and I grabbed my Chemistry books great chemistry first my least favorate lesson and Mr Watt said he's going to sit us next to people we dont usualy work with great.

Samuel's POV

I went down stairs after showering and changing into my jeans and t-shirt to see my overprotective mum making breakfast.

"Sam ive made breakfast for you poridge"

"Mum I dont have time" I complained

"Sam you've got to eat"

"I will grab something and eat it on the way to school" So I grabed an apple from the fruit bowl

"Sam be careful on your way to school dont listen to your ipod on the way to school" I then walked out the door and sighed it's not easy living with an overprotective mother she treats me like im ten it's so annoying then I started to walk to school.

I arrived and went straight to my locker and grabed my Chemistry books great Chemistry I have non of my friends in it so I sighed and started walking to lesson.

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