Where is the Fun When You Have to Stick to the Status Quo?(Original Group Story)

By Myself, 7Rachael7, Pinkdinke, Softballfreak94 and Lolahip. Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 15


Hallie's Pov

I sighed as soon it was lunch. I went alone to the lunch room and through the line, getting my normal meal, sandwich, salad and juice. I looked around to see the lunch room already busy but spotted an empty table.

I took a seat and started eating and reading. I was minding my own business.. when I heard someone speak

"Can I sit here?"

I blinked and looked up from my book to see Austin. I looked at him suspiciously as he sat down, "I'm not going to prank you Hallie"

I looked at my food and he hummed, "All you eat?"

I nodded, "I eat healthy"

He gave a smile, "I'm Austin"

I nodded, "I know. I'm Hallie"

Austin nodded, "I know"

boy was this awkard.. what was a jock doing sitting with a nerd? Just as I thought that, the head cheerleader came over to us and sneered at me, "Austin..baby come on sit with us"

I sighed and looked back down at my book, i knew it was too good to be true

Austin sighed, "go away..I'm eating with Hallie"

I blinked. What a surprise.

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