Where is the Fun When You Have to Stick to the Status Quo?(Original Group Story)

By Myself, 7Rachael7, Pinkdinke, Softballfreak94 and Lolahip. Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1


My Characters:

Name: Hallie Rose
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Looks: Light Wavy Blonde Hair, Pale Sea Green eyes, Light Skin, Rosy Cheeks, Tall, Slender, Glasses for reading
Personality: Helpful, Shy, Funny, Smart, Modest, Stubborn, Kind
Stereotype: Teacher's Pet
Family: Dad is a busy lawyer who is never home, Mom is a movie writer who is never home. She basically raised herself with a help of an older sister who is now off to college.
Lover Interest: Austin Garrison

Name: Austin Garrison
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Looks: Spiky, short, black hair, electric blue eyes, tan, muscular, tall
Personality: Funny, Popular, Outgoing, Instinctive, Brave, Reckless, Can come off as Cocky, Sarcastic
Stereotype: Jock
Family; Dad is a washed up NFL Quarterback. Mom is a stay home mom. Has 2 younger brothers and an older brother who is in the NBA. Rich Family but doesn't bring many people home because of that.
Love Interest: Hallie Rose

7Rachael7's Characters:

Name: Crystal Donovan
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Looks: Curly brunette hair, sky blue eyes, light skin, medium height, slender
Personality: Outgoing, Funny, Flirty, Caring, Popular,
Stereotype: Social Butterfly
Family: Only child, Mum and Dad died when she was 12, Lives with step mum Tara
Love Interest: Samuel Jacobs

Name: Samuel Jacobs
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Looks: Short brown hair, Green eyes, Pale skin, Tall, muscular
Personality: Shy, Funny, Caring, Stubborn, Kind
Stereotype: Shy kid
Family: Only child, Lives with stay at home mum
Love Interest: Crystal Donovan

Pinkdinke's Character:

Name: Nicki "Nick" Livingston
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Looks: Long black hair, baby blue eyes, freckles, skinny
Personality: Quiet, creative, smart, non-girly, artist
Stereotype: Tom boy
Family: Alcoholic step dad, mother, college brother
Love Interest: No one right now

Name: Michael Powell
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Looks: Short spikey black hair, green eyes, buff, cheek dimples
Personality: Funny, Smart, Kind, Obnoxious, Out going, Actor
Stereotype: Skyscraper
Family: Mom died from car accident, dad working all day, thirteen year old sister
Love Interest: Nicki Livingston

Softballfreak94's characters

Name:Isabella Russo
Looks:brown hair that goes to mid back with later brown towards the bottom of hair, brown eyes that turn hazel depending on the light,short 5 2 1/2
Personality:fun, smart, outgoing, athletic, hides the fact that she can be smart, one of the boys, all around girl, does pretty much everything that comes to mind (sports wise)
Stereotype:new girl (from Texas)
Family:stay home mom, dad is in the army, has 3 younger sisters named Myranda, Zoey, and Katie and two younger brothers named Austin, and Dallas, she is the oldest
Love Interest:Ethan Coleman

Name:Ethan Coleman
Looks:tall, dirty blonde hair kind of long, dark blue eyes
Personality:fun when you get to know him, no one really notices him cause he sticks to himself, plays football is really good but doesn't get any credit for it
Family:mom is always busy at work never home, dad is always gone for work, only child
Love Interest:Isabella Russo

Lolahip's character:

Name: Jane Marie
Gender Female
Age 16
Looks Wavy , Light Blond Hair Reaching Just Past Her Butt, Shimmering Crystal Blue Eyes , Pale Skin , Bruises All Over Stomach , Back , Chest And Top Thighs.
Personality: Bossy , Basically The High School Bully, EVERYONE Is Scared Of Her , Has A Big Group Of Friends Who Are Just Like Her , People Call Her And Her Friends 'Them' Or 'They' , Cruel , Secretly Sad,
Family Abusive Mum And Dad , Her Mum Beat Her Elder Sister To Death.
Love Intrest NUN

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