Alphabet Food Challenge!

I came up with a cool challenge. You may repost but plz say in your introduction:

Made by Missanime101 :)

Chapter 1


by: Carrie_
So what you must do is you have to complete this challenge using NO HELP FROM GOOGLE YOU CHEATERS. For each letter you must put one food. That is all ^^

A- Apple
B- Barbecue chicken
C- Clams
D- Dragon fruit (Yes, its a fruit)
E- Empanada (That sounds pretty good right now)
F- French Fries
G- Green Beans (Lol)
H- Hershey's
I- Italian Bread. (Yumm)
J- Jam
K- Kumquat! (I never tried it before...hmm)
L- Lamb chops
M- Mango
N- Nutella
O- Octopus
P- Peanut Butter
Q- Quiche
R- Rice Krispie Treats
S- Squid
T- Taco!
U- umm...Upside down cake!
V- Vanilla cupcakes!
W- Warheads!!!!!
X- XO Sauce. (BAMMM!!!!!!)
Y- Yam (Lol)
Z- Ziti (Mmm yum)

Score: 26/26 YEAH-YUHHHHH

Feel free to repost if you want but in the intro plz say made/created by Missanime101 :)


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