I think my bi friend Anna is in love with me...?

just transferred from a 'Christian' to a public school (BEST THING I'VE EVER DONE) and there's a lot of stuff that goes on that is new and bizarre to me.

Chapter 1


I mean, I have nothing against bis and gays n such. It's just, I've never really known anyone who isn't straight until I transferred to CHS. so.. what? does she like me? I met her at orientation, she's a freshman, I'm a junior. when I met her, she was just like "YOU'RE SUPER PRETTY I CAN'T GET OVER IT!!"
then the next day, I saw her at lunch and she gave me a huge bear hug. and commented on my appearance again.
then the next week, just walking from class to class, she'd see me and say "I LOVE YOU ELLIE!!"
and at my school's football game, I ran into her, got lots of hugs, we hung out n junk, and she sat uber close to me the entire time, exchanged phone numbers then sent herself a text from my phone saying "I love you Anna!"
then she, my friend Dabby and i went up to the top of the bleachers and Anna taught Dabby how to do the robot dance, and attempted to teach me (I can't dance worth a poop), then Anna started waltzing with me, then tried to slowdance with me, but I awkwarded out xD
then the game ended and I walked with her to her bike, then she gave me another hug, then held me out at arms length and said "GOODBYE! I'd kiss you, but that'd be awkward for you!"
and I was like, "YEAH it would! haha!"

so yeah. now I'm home. processing...... anyone else go through stuff like this on a daily basis? haha I'm not sure what to think quite yet.


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