Blonde Moments From the Life of a Brunette

I can just be a total idiot. So I decided to share. :) hehe, here we go!

I DO NOT BELIEVE IN STEREOTYPES!!!!!! One of my very good friends is the smartest girl in my class, and she's a blonde, so I'm not trying to be mean.

Chapter 16

I'm starting to wonder how I even have friends...

Welcome back! ^-^ I realized that this story has the most chapters out of everything I've ever posted on Quibblo. O.o Do you see what that says about me?

Anyway, today is about embarrassing stories. We all know I have a lot. Like, a lot a lot. :P So let's get started!


One night I was home alone with my brother. I went to take a shower. So then I put on pajamas and wrapped my hair in a towel and came back downstairs to read. Everything was fine until my older brother's best friend came over and I was just sitting there in ratty pajamas. I was like, "uh, hey." and then I ran upstairs as fast as I could.


My best friend and I both got to our old school early every morning because our moms work there. And one day we had to stay late after school to help our moms do something. We were walking through the halls together and I was being weird and like, doing this odd interpretive dance. And then my friend started laughing and I asked her why. She said out teacher was watching me with a confused look on her face. Whoops.


So if you didn't already know, I go to a Catholic school. And the eighth graders do a May Crowning Mass in their graduation gowns and stuff as something special and it also serves as a Mother's Day thing. So obviously, this past May I was in the Mass since I was an eighth grader. And when we start to crown Mary, our entire class processes into the church with a single flower. You get to the altar, bow, put the flower in the vase and go to your spot on the steps.

Well I, being the cool person I am, managed to trip on the steps after I put my flower in the vase. And everyone around me started laughing and about half the people at church noticed and I was sad.

(Was that confusing? Sorry, I'm used to being around other Catholic people...O.o)


I have this notebook from seventh grade English that we got from our teacher and we would have "journaling" days and we'd just write in them. But I still had a ton of space in mine at the end of the year so I kept it and I write chapters for my stories in it when I'm not on the computer but I have an idea.

No one in my family really knows that I write stories. I don't know, I just find it embarrassing. So I accidentally left my journal out and my oldest sister found it and started reading a bit from Secret Weapon out loud and wouldn't stop.

I was yelling at her to stop and put it down and finally my mom told her to cut it out, but the damage was done. My face was bright red.

The good part of that, however was that my sister defended herself by saying, "What? It's good!"


I had scholastic bowl camp last week, and one of the questions was about math. (I bet you know where this is going XD) It asked what geometric shape was being described and the answer was trapezoid but I was telling my team parallelogram, and then when they gave us the answer I was like,

"Well a trapezoid is a parallelogram, so..."

???? What the heck, Claire? I know a trapezoid isn't a parallelogram. Anyway, when I said that this guy was like, "No it isn't. A trapezoid is its own thing."

And then I felt the shame.


Also at scholastic bowl, there were more people than there were buzzers, so I was sharing with this other guy. We had a system where he would put his hand on top of the thing to hold it steady, and the two of us would rest a thumb lightly over the button.

Buuut, once we accidentally buzzed in during a question when neither of us knew the answer, and we just looked at each other like:

I didn't buzz in, did you?

I didn't! You must have.

So anyway, I just guessed and got it wrong. That was great.


So there's a few. Obviously I have more, but I'm drawing a blank right now. Til next time, lovelies!

Rate, comment, you know the drill. :P


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