These are the moments we love-One direction Group story

So, this is a One Direction group story by me and november ! Hope you enjoy it! Oh and please comment and rate! Much appreciated! :D

Chapter 43

Give it back! -Alice's POV!

Niall automatically comes and sits by my side with his food.
"Did you miss me?" Niall asks smiling at me.
"Not particularly" I say and he looks hurt but I know he's faking.
"Fine, I'll just leave again!" Niall says standing up.
"Fine, bye!" I say chirpily and he just glowers at me.
"Wait, what?" he asks, gaping.
"I said bye!" I repeat.
"Why?" he asks.
"Because I know that you're not going to leave!" I say matter-of-factly.
"Watch me!" he says and he then walks out of the room.
"Oh, he'll be back in a minute!" Louis says with a smile.
"Oh, I know" I say, nodding my head and a minute later Niall walks back.
"We knew you'd come back!" Harry says to Niall.
"How'd you know?" Niall asks suspiciously walking back over and sitting next to me.
"Because you want to be with your girl-friend!" Harry answers and Niall smiles and he wraps an arm around me.
"Yeah, okay, that's true!" he says.
"Where is my mobile?" I then ask, looking between the boys and Hannah and Louis just looks at me blankly.
"It's at home" he replies and I just stare at him.
"You're a liar!" I say, knowing that he's lying to me and he has my phone.
"I'm not" he says.
"He does have your phone" Hannah finally says.
"Thank you, Hannah! Some honesty!" I say, and I wriggle out of Niall's arms and I walk over to Louis. "I want my phone!"
"No" Louis says.
"Why the hell not?" I ask.
"Because you don't need it!" he says and I just glare at him.
"Lou, just give it back to her" Harry says.
"Why? We've already talked about this! I'm not giving it back until she gets out of hospital! She doesn't need the internet and text messages all the time!" he explains.
"It's my phone, Louis. I'm the one who pays for it!' I snap.
"I'm not giving it back!" he snaps back.
"Louis" Hannah says and Louis head snaps over to her. "Just give her her phone back." Louis then just glares at her and he turns to me and he grabs my phone out of his back pocket and he throws it Niall's way and I look back at Niall and he catches it.
"Get out!" I tell Louis and he just looks at me.
"No" he says and I shove him towards the door.
"Get. Out. Of. My. Hospital. Room!" I yell and he then shoves me back. "I hate you, Louis! Just get out!' He then looks hurt and he turns around and he walks out.
"Ali, Ali, Ali" Harry says and he walks over and he takes my hand and he pulls me away from the door Louis just walked through.
"I hate him!" I say as Harry pulls me back to the bed.
"Just stop, Ali, you know he only does it because he loves you" he tells me and I sit back on the bed and I just stare out the door thinking that I might have lost Louis.

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