These are the moments we love-One direction Group story

So, this is a One Direction group story by me and november ! Hope you enjoy it! Oh and please comment and rate! Much appreciated! :D

Chapter 3


I hung back for a few minutes while all the others walked into the kitchen. I took a few deep breaths and I tried to calm my nerves down, but it was next to impossible. I was a bit jealous of that hug Niall had given Hannah, but I was going to try not to dwell on that to well. I then heard footsteps coming back and I looked up and it was Niall.
“Aren’t you coming, Al?” he then asks me.
“Yes, I am” I sigh.
“Then, why are you still here?” Niall asks, confused.
“Just because of Hannah! I’m scared she won’t like me, I didn’t give off a good first impression” I tell him.
“It’s because you’re nervous” he says. He then takes my hand, then my heart started to beat that much faster than it had 10 seconds ago. He then leads me towards the kitchen area. “All you need is some food in that small tummy of yours!”
“Hey, it’s not small, just skinny” I correct.
“Alright, Ms. Tomlinson, whatever you say” he says smiling. Then all of a sudden Louis jumps out and scares us. I jump just the tiniest bit.
“What are you doing, Louis?” I ask, with a bit of a huff.
“I was wondering if you were going to show up” he says with a slight smile on his face. I then let go of Niall’s hand and I push past Louis with a smile on my face. “Oh, excuse me!”
“No excuses” I say laughing.
“What did she do this time?” Liam then asks looking at me.
“/I/ did nothing. Not a thing” I laugh.
“You’re always doing something, Al” Danielle then says with a slight smile on her face. I then poke my tongue at her.
“Oh, shut it, Danni! I’m only 16” I say, laughing.
“Oh, jeez, we can’t wait for you to grow up!” Louis then says. I then elbow him in the ribs, because I know he’s right behind me.
“Whoops, sorry, Louis. I had no idea you were there!” I tell him quickly moving out of the way. Harry then laughs.
“That hurt” he tells me.
“Whatever” I say with a shrug on my shoulders. I then look at Hannah and she’s just looking around and then we meet eyes. I quickly look away.
“And I thought I was immature” Harry says with a laugh.
“Hey, I’m the youngest one here” I say walking up to the fridge and open it.
“What are you looking for, Miss. Piggy?” Danielle then asks coming up next to me. I then look at her.
“Miss. Piggy is from the Muppets. Do I look like Miss. Piggy?” I ask.
“Not exactly” Niall says coming up on the other side. “What are you doing here?”
“Are we having cheese with dinner?” I ask.
“No” Liam says. I then grab the block of cheese out and I start eating it.
“Hey, I just bought that cheese!” Niall says.
“Oh well, maybe Danni, Hannah and I will go to the groceries again tomorrow. Maybe on a shopping spree” I say taking a big bite.
“That’d be fun!” Danni then says with a smile on her face. “What do you think, Han?”
“Sounds like fun” she says with a smile on her face.
“What is for tea?” I then ask, looking up at Harry.
“We are having pasta” he tells me.
“Carbonara?” I ask. He nods his head. “How much do I love you, Hazza?”
“I don’t know! A lot?” he cocks his head to the side. I then smile at him and I go up and hug him.
“Too much!” I say smiling.
“I knew it!” he says hugging me back. You see, Harry and I are quite close because we are both the youngest.
“Don’t I get a hug?” Louis then asks. I then look Louis up and down.
“Nope” I say, with a slight grin on my face.
“Do i?” Danni then asks. I then go over to Danni and hug her.
“Why don’t I get a hug?” Louis then asks.
“Because you’ve had heaps of hugs over the years” I say.
“Well, I love you to” Louis says.
“When’s tea?” I quickly say.
“In the dining room, my lady” Niall says with a bow. I then walk into the dining room and the food is all placed and ready to be eaten. The smell is just delicious.
“Where are we all sitting?” I ask Niall. Then I notice little name at each spot and I laugh. I then feel everyone behind me. “You all did this?”
“Yeah, all of us boys did, a welcome dinner for Hannah, and a little party before we have everyone come over for tomorrow night” Zayn says with a shrug of his shoulders. I then find out where I’m sitting and I’m sitting next to Niall and Harry. I then sit down and everyone else sits down. Liam and Danni are next to each other and Hannah is also sitting next to Danni, and Louis. Zayn is sitting on the other side of Harry. We are about half way through our meals when Niall says,
“A toast, to Danni and Liam for moving in to this nice place and for putting up with all of us day in day out” Niall says with a laugh. We then all laugh and we all clink glasses. I then go to have a sip and I tip it too far and it goes on my face and then I take it away and it goes all over my clothes. I then stand up and set my glass down and everyone’s looking at me.
“Um, whoops” I say with a small smile.
“You’re such a klutz!” Liam says laughing at me.
“Oh, shut up” I growl. “I need to go change” I say storming out of there and up the stairs and into one of the 4 guest bedrooms where I was staying. I then changed out of my clothes in a huff, I couldn’t believe I’d made a complete and total fool of my-self, and in front of Niall and Hannah and all the others! I then put on a light pink dress that goes just above my knees. I put my hair up in a French bun and I go out, taking a deep breathe. I then walk down the stairs and make my way into the dining room.

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