These are the moments we love-One direction Group story

So, this is a One Direction group story by me and november ! Hope you enjoy it! Oh and please comment and rate! Much appreciated! :D

Chapter 2

I Hate Names

Name: Hannah Modica
Age: 19 turning 20
Personality: Sarcastic, loyal, care-free, genuinely a nice person, generous, care-giving, reckless
Looks: Lucy Hale so basically http://media.tumblr.comtumblr_ma2fs0oriJ1qkdght.gif/

"Okay I just got off the train where are you?"
"I'm right at the main entrance..."
"No, I'm at the main entrance and you're not here"
"Dude, I'm looking a the train! Where are you?!"
"Danielle, where the hell are you. I've been standing at the main entrance for like 10 minutes!"
"How do you not see me?! I'm like the only one with curly hair!"
"I don't- Hang on a minute... Danielle turn to your left" I say with a coy grin. She looks confused, and being the dopey girl she is, turns to the right.
"No you're other left moron" I giggle watching as she turns the correct way.
"Hannah!" She squeals seeing as I was standing almost right beside her this whole time.
"Danielle!" I cry back sarcastically, opening my arms as we both collide into a big hug.
"Missed you!" She says as she buries her face into my shoulder. I do the same, squeezing her extra tight,
"You too! Now c'mon, I want to meet this boyfriend of yours!" I laugh, grabbing my small suitcase and smiling at my best friend. I've been off in school in the heart of London. Beautiful campus that had all the perks of city life, yet was quiet and quite serene. I loved school, and now I had three weeks off for break and planned to spend most of my time with D.
"Oh he's really great Hannah, like I really think I found the one" She smiles walking beside me.
"Liam his name is right?" I check just so I'm not greeting this guy by the wrong name... Hell, I'm the pits with names, I'll probably end up calling him Derek, her ex boyfriend.
"Yes! And his bands all over so you'll meet the whole gang!" She says bubbly. I climb into the passenger of her Honda, tossing my bag behind me.
"Okay tell me about each of them" I say, facing her as she drove.
"Okay well Harry's a sweet heart, pretty perverted though... Niall just likes to eat and I think you'd get along with him really good... Zayn is pretty quiet when you get to know him so just give him time. Then Louis who honestly, reminds me of a boy version of you except less sarcastic" She says smiling. I laugh,
"Hey Dan, I'm a little hard to copy so I'll just have to see about that" I say jokingly as she giggles,
"Oh! And Louis' sister Alice is there... She's just a sweetie! Oh I love her! You'll love her too" Danielle explains. I nod, watching the neighborhood pass by around us. Finally we pull in to a suburban mansion with acres of sprawling lawns. Absolutely stunning.
"Wow Danielle! You did good for yourself!" I gasp, climbing out and grabbing my bag. She chuckles,
"I know, it's a hell of a difference from what we grew up in!" She says rolling her eyes. I cringe at the memory of the hoodlum neighborhood. It was littered and dingy. Yet we made the greatest of friends there, and as they guys liked to think they were tough stuff, honestly, you'd never meet nicer people.
"Welcome!" Danielle proclaims as she swings open the door dramatically. I laugh at her actions, finding her as amusing as quite cute.
"Well, well, well" I say nodding in approval. It was as big as it looked from the outside, and matched the scenery well. I stepped in, hearing my footsteps echo over the high vaulted ceilings and hardwood floors.
"Guys! Come here I have someone you should meet!" Danielle yelled, and the sound of movement soon followed. There skidding in excitedly were five boys, and one angst-full looking girl.
"Okay Hannah this is Alice, Louis, Niall, Zayn, Harry and Liam!" Danielle says peppily, so fast I lost track by Niall... Or was it Neill?
"Hi nice to meet you all" I say in general, hoping I won't have to single anyone out... God I hate being bad with names.
"Alright Hannah... Go ahead and tell me back there names" Danielle says cockily, crossing her arms over her chest. I sigh, giving them all an apologetic smile.
"Well this is Liam... You're boyfriend" I say confidently. She nods while he was bursting in a wide smile,
"It's a pleasure to meet you! I've heard tons!" He says holding his hand out. I can't help smile at his kind smile and big puppy-like brown eyes. He made me giggle and I wasn't exactly sure why.
"You're... Henry?" I say looking to the next boy with his mop-like hair and emerald green eyes.
"Harry" He chuckles, shaking my hand as well.
"Sorry, I hate names" I grumble making him laugh even more.
"Z....Zayn?" I try, looking to the next boy. He was quite handsome himself with dark skin and hair. I mean, Harry and Liam were just about the best looking guys I've ever seen and Zayn here was no different.
"Bingo!" He cries happily, taking my hand and shaking. I smile and move to the next. Pale skinned, blue eyes, and bleach blonde hair.
"Yes!" He cries happily. And instead of shaking my hand, he pulls me in for a warm, friendly hug.
"It's nice to meet you Hannah!" He chirps. I laugh, hugging back quickly. I move to the last boy and... Wow. I haven't even seen a girl with as nice eyes as he had. They were like sapphires but... Nicer. They reflected the light and were almost transparent. I mean the rest of him was incredible too! His hair was like a caramel color, and had a messy fringe that flicked up just right. He was tanned nicely, and just a little taller then me.
"Lewis" I say confidently, quite proud of myself. He flushes red, looking down embarrassed.
"L/ouis"/ He says quietly. I blush too, wide eyed at my screw up.
"Oh I'm sorry! Damn and I was like so proud of myself there too" I say holding me hand out. He shakes with a little laugh. I just smile and look to the final girl. She still had a sort of attitude on her face and it made he quite hard to approach.
"I'm Alice" She says for me, and shakes my hand rather briskly.
"Hi Alice" I repeat wondering what could be wrong.
"Oh c'mon guys, dinners ready" Harry calls having left to check on the kitchen.
"Mate, did you just blush?!" The Niall one whispers rather loudly to Louis. He hit his friends arm, blushing even more.
"Shut up Niall!" He hissed as I turned and walked off with the others.

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