Little Lies

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Story originally published in 2013 ish, I made a re-write after watching American Horror Story. If you happen to be a fan of AHS, please shoot me a message because we've probably got lots to talk about.

Chapter 1

Mireya Collins

by: FerSure
Mireya Collins felt like she was being torn to pieces. She stood in the middle of the old house she used to live in when she was merely seventeen, over thirty years ago, when her entire family remained undivided. Feeling somewhat melancholic, she handed the house's keys and papers to the young couple who had just purchased it for a scanty sum of money. She could not help but wonder, was it right to give away a place with such valuable memories for a meager quantity of a few thousand?

Before leaving, she had asked the new owners for a brief chance to say goodbye to the house, her house. She strolled around her mother's old, unkempt gardens, and stopped for a while at her father's former workshop. She could almost hear the sound of his saw cutting through the wood, while her three brothers watched discreetly from the kitchen. However, that brief feeling of blithe vanished when Mireya realized that those days were long-gone.

Her youngest brother, poor Robert, had died in the war. As Mireya walked past his prior alcove, she remembered her last fight with him. She had told him to go to hell, particularly emphasizing the words "I hope you get deployed soon, and go somewhere far, very far from this house, so you can't pester me anymore!"

The eldest one, Chester, she did not miss, for she had to see his aggravating face every waking moment. When their mother died, Mireya Collins, the fifty-year-old bachelorette, moved in with her brother, his berserk wife, and his two anklebiters, aged nine and five. In exchange for the free basic resources, Mireya cooked, cleaned and took care of the kids. It was the most dehumanizing form of subsistence she could fathom.

Lawrence Collins, or just plain "Larry," was her junior by four years, which made him another one of the middlle children. Maybe that was why Mireya felt such a strong attraction towards him.

Larry was a grown, business-owning man, as opposed to the awkward, lanky teenage boy Mireya remembered. He had kids, older than Chester's, and an absolutely nitpicking braggart for a wife. She made Chester's wife seem like the most refreshing woman in the planet. However, Larry's wife was not as unbearable as her two spawn.

Mireya liked to think that Larry's eldest daughter was a faultless copy of herself, in her better years, but the young teenager did not quite fancy the idea. She was somewhat misantrophic and esoteric, just like Mireya had been in her youth. Physically, she was an unerring replication of her aunt, save for the striking green eyes she had inherited from her mother. Unfortunately, she had grown up cold and alienated, and barely cherished her father and his side of the family.

The little one, on the other hand, was much more of a congenial person. She, unlike her sister, adored the surplus attention, especially the one that came from humans of the male gender. However, her extroverted nature made her much more knavish and bold, for she would not hesitate when it came to spouting tasteless slurs about her Aunt Mireya.

After realizing the lenght of her moratorium at Larry's ancient room, Mireya dried her tears off, and proceeded to exit the house. Before leaving, she made sure of apologizing to the young couple, who claimed to have understood the entire situation- as if.

She walked back home, at the verge of tears. She somehow knew that her entire family was miserable, and that it was her fault. Mireya always wished the worst upon them and...

Once she arrived at Chester's apartment, she felt like she could hardly take it anymmore. Before entering, she had a good ten-minute cry, about selling her house, Robert's death, the uncorresponded love she had for a brother, and basically, everything. She wanted to be back in that house, recover the lost memories.

However, time is one of those things that when lost, cannot be recovered.

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