About Me

Chapter 1

About Me

by: mistous
Height: In feet? About 5' 5"
Shoe Size: it depends on the type shoe
S*xual Orientation: Straight

Do you Smoke?: No
Do you Drink?: Sometimes
Do you Take Drugs?: No

Age you get mistaken for: much younger than my actual age
Real age: 19
Have Tattoos?: I have a turtle on my ankle

Want any tattoos?: I've thought about it

Got any Piercings?: just my ears
Want any (more) piercings?: not really

Relationship status: single

Favorite Movie: Sherlock Holmes :)
A fact about your personality: I'm a really quiet person when I'm by myself...reading and watching movies - but that completely changes when I'm outside hiking or something with a group of friends.
What I hate most about myself: I get a bit self-conscious
What I love most about myself: I'm a generally happy person and I love that because I have a lot of people in my family who let every little thing ruin their days.
What I want to be when I get older: I'm happy being me and happy where I am right now.

My relationship with my parents: My mum and I are close but I never got to know my dad.
What I hate the most about school: How long it takes me to walk there lol
What my last text message says: "Call at 2"
What words upset me the most: I guess it depends on who's saying it
What words make me feel the best about myself: I'm not sure...compliments maybe?
A wish that I’ve wished for repeatedly: For my car to not fall apart on me lol
What I find attractive in guys: I like a lot of things...but I like a guy who can talk and not shut down in the middle of a conversation.

Where I would like to live: I like where I live now.
My childhood career choice: I wanted to be a horse trainer/give riding lessons.
My favorite ice cream: Strawberry.
Who I wish I could be: I'm ok with me.
Where I want to be right now: Sleeping...soon! lol
The last thing I ate: cheese sandwich with a bit of tomato.

Favorite band: Probably the Police
Three favorite male artists: I'm not really sure
Three favorite female artists: still not sure lol
Artist with the most influence on my life: I don't know, my mum listened to a lot of 80s stuff in the house so maybe that.

20 Random Songs from your iTunes/Music Player

1. Shape of My Heart - Sting
2. Canary in a Coalmine - The Police
3. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic - The Police
4. Train in Vain - the Clash
5. Should I Stay or Should I Go - the Clash
6. Cat People - David Bowie
7. West End Riot - the Living End
8. White Noise - the Living End
9. Funky Fire - the Aggrolites
10. Half A Person - the Smiths
11. 5.15 - the Who
12. The Seeker - the Who
13. 1.2.X.U - Wire
14. Where the Streets Have No Name by U2
15. Like The Angel - Rise Against
16. Give It All - Rise Against
17. End of the Road - Me First & The Gimme Gimmes
18. Let's Push Things Forward - The Streets
19. Firing Squad - Subhumans
20. Personal Jesus - Depeche Mode

Ten favorite actors: Um I'm really bad at these things but I'll try to name ten...Gary Oldman, Jude Law, David Tennant, Jason Statham, Michael Fassbender, Ewan McGregor, Martin Freeman, Arthur Darvill, I can't thinkof anymore but I know there's more.

Favorite color: red
Favorite animal: i like marine/sea animals
Favorite hair color: No favorite
Favorite gender: no favorite

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