Fifteen Minutes

They entered a contest. Chole's computer skills, Artesia's lyrics, and Azalea's voice. It was the chance of a life time. And when you've giving the chance of a life time, you take it. No matter what

Chapter 1

Fifteen Minutes

by: ATJudge
"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gossshhhh! Is it up yet? Have you refreshed the page? Is the clock on your phone broken? Come on Chloe, come on!"

Azalea shook her older sister's shoulders, shaking her whole body. Chloe pushed her frantic sister off, glaring at her. She pushed back her blonde from her face, and turned back to the laptop screen.

"Lea, why can't you take note from Artie and chill?"

Cleo motioned her head over to Artesia, the youngest of the three sisters. She sat on a lime green yoga mat which rested in front of the couch, her legs crossed like a pretzel. Her black hair was pulled back in a pony tail, matching her hot pink tank top and dark grey yoga pants. Her eyes were close, her hands resting on her legs.

"Well, Artesia doesn't have her life on the line!"

Chloe scoffed, and rolled her eyes. Out of the twins, Azalea was the more dramatic one. She paced frantically behind the couch, her black hair hanging over her shoulders. Though she pushed her bangs from her eyes, they always fell back. She folded her hands, and then unfolded them. This patterned continued until Chloe's voice made Azalea freeze mid pace.

"It's up!"

Azalea threw herself over the couch, making Chloe bounce a bit.

"Play it! Play it!"
"Wait, Artesia should see it too."

Artesia got up, and though she remained calm on the outside, she was more nervous than her sister. Her heart was pounding in her ears as she sat down next to Chloe. Both of the twins leaned in, all three girls now mere inches from the laptop screen.

They watched as the little white arrow floated across the screen, and went up to the 'play' button. Chloe set the video for HD, and it took a few seconds to convert, but soon it was playing.

"Hi everyone! This is Katy Perry, and can I just say how excited I am right now? The Voice Your Talent got nearly 14 million entries from all over the globe! How cool is that? It took a while, but I was finally able to choice my winner. Now can I just remind you what the prizes are? You get to record your song in real studio, and then you will personally work on a song with me! And it will be featured in my next CD. So with out any more delay, here's the winner's video..."

The screen blacked out for a few seconds before a blurry picture faded in.

"Okay, ready? One-two, one two three four."

As the picture slowly begun to clear, a guitar started up, and a few cords in a girl's voice could be heard. The three sisters held their breath.

" I woke up, turned on the TV, and to my surprise, can you guess what I see?... People pickin' fights.. Politics- it ain't right.. Celebrities going crazy over the smallest of things... It makes me wonder, what the world would be like... if it all went away..."

A few more cords played, and the three girls sat there in silence. Their mouths hung open, their eyes glued to the screen.

"Can you image what it would be like? Can you image a better life? Can you image up on that screen, peace and serenity? Can you image what it would be like?... Cause I can only image... A better life for me, a better for you-a better life on which the lives we... get... to... choose...Can you image what it would be like? Can you image a amazing life?... Cause I can't. No- I can't even image..."

As the song entered it's last verse, the girls glanced at each other, speechless.

"I got up, and turned off my TV. Cause I can't image, but I- can be me... Gonna set-gonna set-gonna set this world right. One moment at a time, cause that is me... Yes, it's me."

As the screen faded to black once more, the girls found the power to close their mouths.

*"There is was! The winning video, Can You Image, performed by famed Youtuber, 17 year old Azalea Walters from Fullerton, California. Congratulation, Azalea! I can't wait to work with you!"

The three girls looked at each other, and then back at the screen. It was Azalea's scream that came out first, then Artesia, and then Chloe. Nearly tossing the laptop from Chloe's legs, the three girls stood, screaming.

"You won! You freaking won!"
"I won! My voice won!"
"She liked my song! She choose it from millions! Me!"
"She chose my voice, mine! I'm going to be famous!"
" You mean, we."
"I wrote the song, Chloe edited and worked the computer junk. You sang. We're a team Lea."
"Yeah, that's what I meant."

Two emails, nine phone calls, and one trip to LA later; the three sisters found themselves in a real life recording studio.

Each girl walked around, looking at what caught her own eyes. Chloe was at the soundboard, talking with one of the tech men. Azalea had her eyes glued to the photos on the walls, but glanced over to the recording booth every few seconds. Artesia sat, on the small leather sofa. She needed to just finish up the last bit of cords and lyrics for the song that Azalea would record. If she was lucky, Katy would fall in love with her music, and maybe ask her to write a song or two... Hey, a girl can dream.

After a few mintues, the door opened, and a group of people came filling in. The last, of the group around 10, was the star herself. Katy Perry.

Each girl froze, Artesia got so light headed she was ready to fall over dead; Chloe's breath stopped in her chest; and Azalea's heart froze but still beat loud in her heart. Katy smiled to each girl, before placing her eyes on Azalea. She walked over, not making any contact with Artesia or Chloe.

"Hi, you must be Azalea?"

She held her arms open for a hug, which Azalea accepted with bug-wide eyes.

"Yes, oh my gosh. I'm such a fan."
"Of me? I'm a fan of you. Your voice is like silk, and the lyrics, they really spoke to me. Tell me, did you right them yourself?"

Artesia's heart nearly came bubbling up from her mouth. This was the moment when Azalea would point her out and say 'thanks, they were my sister's. she's right over there, would you like to meet her?' and Artesia would accept. Acting graceful, yet mature and lady like. She could already see Katy asking to see more of her work, and then wanting to record, and then-

"Thank you, yes I worked very hard on them."
"Oh wow, tell me more about the idea, your muse for the song. I mean the emotion put into it is just- wow."

Azalea glanced over to Artesia. She sat on the couch, shock being worn on her face. But a small fury was rising in her eyes.

"Well, it just seems as bad as everything is getting in the economy and what not; people just don't seem to care. Even though they say that they do."
"Oh wow, I love it. So, tell me, do you have your new song?"
"Um, yes. My sister has it. Artesia?"

Shaking herself from her slowly rotting thoughts, she met Azalea's face. She wore a very fake, forced smile. Nodding slowly, Artesia stood. She held her song journal in her arms, walking over to her sister and idol. She opened it to the new song; One Moment. As she went to tear it out, she paused her hand hanging in the air. Re-thinking everything, she flipped to the back of the book. She scribbled a few words on the last page; almost full already with words. Before she could ponder any more on the thought, she tore the page out, and handed it straight to Katy. Katy smiled to her.

"A twin, cool."

Katy glanced down, scanning over the page.

"I think this is wonderful. Much better than the entry song. Nice work, Azalea."
"Thank you."
"Let's get you in there, and record this sucker."

Azalea smiled, and nodded as Katy lead her away. As they walked away, Artesia, though filled with a mixture of hate and anger; smiled. Chloe came up next to her younger sister.

"Why the heck are you smiling? Lea just totally jacked you of your fifteen minutes, I'm kind of p.oed myself."

Artesia glanced up to her sister.

"Because, the song I gave her, wasn't the song I wrote for her."

Chloe's eye brows fell, and she looked to Artesia. She still wore a smug little grin, and Chloe couldn't help but smile herself.

After Azelea finished recording she came flying from the recording booth.

"What the heck Artie?"
"You totally just screwed me over with that song! That wasn't the planned song! You were suppose to stick to the plan!"
"Well, you should have thought about that before YOU broke from the plan. How dare you claim my songs for your own. Who do you think you are?"
"I'm your older sister who you're suppose to help!"
"By giving you unfair credit? I don't think so!"
"You-you, I hope you're happy. You could have just ruined my one chance at being a star!"
"Well then... you wanna be a star so much? You can be a star without me or my lyrics. Cause all you need is yourself. Good luck with that."

" And now here it is. The winner of my contest Voice Your Talent, Azalea Walters's new song Free. Enjoy."

Katy faded from the screen, and Azalea faded in. She stood in the studio, as the music begun. Glancing down she was taken back. These lyrics were not the ones from earlier. But she only had once chance. She needed to take it. So, she begun to sing.

"Look at me, what do you see? A happy smile, that's how they all know me. Stuck in the back, with a shadow that reaches high to the sky. Always over looked, life... controlled. Can you tell me, who's in control? Can you tell me, who is driving my life? Cause it's not me... no it's not me... I wanna break free, be wild, and feel... free. Now tell me, who's in control? Cause it's not me... I dream of floating away, out from behind this shadow, but I fear, I may never get the chance... All I want. All I want. Is.. to be free..."

Azalea sung on, finishing the song. The video then faded out, leaving nothing but black.


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