Heyy x3

Chapter 1


Kenzie: I love you so much. You're like my sister. You're the basketball to my fish >3 (Only we would get that ;D haha total insider)

Derek: You're so sweet I wish we could meet in person. I love you like a brother...Derek >3

Shelby: WTF YOU FREAKING MAD GIRL!! How pretty are you? Eh,em...spit take...PRETTY?!?! your freaking beautiful! Don't say you aren't, because everytime you say that it makes me want to freaking...oh idk...SLAP YOU!
lol Luv Ya >3

Katelyn: Girrl....your so smarrtt and kindddd and imporrttaanntt (yes, I just quoted the Help ;D). Luv ya! P.S I'll get you that candy salad (; Bahaha x3 Oh gotta luv insiders xD CHEEKIES!!!!

Pooh: Ugh. Pooh. Where do I begin with your insanity >3 I'll admit it....whenever you embarrass me...I crack up too. But its just because you're really....actually amazing at it :/ Good anddd bad you wacko XD

Ron: lol oh godd Ronny >3 You're so.....Ron. Keep up your Ronness its totally cray cray >3 (Yes, Ron. I know thats your word. Chill dude x3 haha love you)

Nick: GET ONLINE MORE!!!! Love you >3 Pssh...because you're totally more awesome than me xP Ha jk Nick love you >3

Cassie/Shelby/Kaylee/Pooh: Oh gosh my fellow unicorns >3 Now where would I be without you crazies? xP Love you guys so much. Now, ladies, bow down to your leader >3 Baha jk jk xP luv you xP And im a dinosaur so like, RaWr >33

Just wanted to recognize these amazing people. cough cough YOU SHOULD ASK FOR THIER USERNAMES cough cough xP
And don't feel bad if I didn't give you a shout out...they'll be more sometime xD
Of course, if your good enough to be in my precious story xP JK JK!!!
haha byee x)



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