I'll Call Your Name (A District 2 FanFiction)

I'll Call Your Name (A District 2 FanFiction)


Cato and Clove have always been my favorite characters in the Hunger Games, so I decided to write a FanFiction about them. This FanFiction will be told in third person, but it will focus mainly on Cato and Clove. If you're looking for a story filled with romance, this is NOT it. This will mainly stick to the book and partially to the movie!

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Chapter 1

by: Eunoia
The slim, 10-year old boy struggled to lift the heavy sword. His forehead gleamed with sweat as he forced his small hand to keep the sword upright. He swung his sword repetitively, then spared himself with a 20-second break. The boy let his arm droop, causing the sword to slam against the cold floor with a loud clang. He panted hard in exhaustion, his heart beating a mile a minute.

"Cato," Coach Supra's deep voice boomed, making the boy jump. "Tell me why you are taking a break?"
Coach Supra was a tall, well-built man with stony green eyes. His strict, cruel personality intimidated most of the students at the main school of District 2 -and Cato Foley was included.

Of course this was a rhetorical question, but Cato did not seem to realize this.

"I-I'm tired..." Cato replied softly, his steely blue eyes filled with indignation. The coach shot him a furious stare, and Cato's arm shot back up, sword in hand.
Without another word, he continued to swipe his sword over and over until his form and strength were both decent. His arm began to ache, but Cato did not dare to complain again.

Coach Supra scratched his temple. "Better. Now let's see what you can do on a dummy." He only needed one arm to lift the life-sized mannequin and place it in front of the young boy. Lousy targets were hand-painted on the dummy, giving Cato the least bit encouragement to murder it.

Cato's palms grew sweaty, and his hand shook as he raised the sword. With one swift motion, Cato sliced the dummy's neck. Surprised at his own success, he grinned proudly. Eagerly, he continued to do the same on dummy after dummy.

Across the room, there was a small, skinny girl who seemed to be a few years younger than him. She clutched the deathly knife in her hand hesitantly. The light freckles that were scattered along her face were nearly hidden behind her curtain of chocolate brown hair.

She and Cato, complete strangers, were the only ones in their class who were not dismissed for lunch. Her stomach grumbled in hunger, filling her with a kind of hopelessness that no 7-year old child should have to face.
She flung the knife towards the target that sat 8 yards across from her. It pierced the the ring that circled the bull's eye, disappointing and frustrating the girl yet again.

Silent, uncontrollable tears gushed from her warm brown eyes, cascading down her porcelain cheek. She stared at the ground, hoping Coach Supra would not notice that she was crying. But she realized it was too late as his venomous voice echoed throughout the entire gymnasium.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here?" He wore an expression that mocked sympathy, "Is Clove Havenbel is crying? Coach Supra chose a knife from the endless selection, then pointed it at her. "/Never/ cry in my gym again. Are we clear?"

Clove's bottom lip quivered then she nodded ever so slightly. She quickly wiped her tears using the sleeve of her sweat-shirt that suddenly did not seem so warm.
Again, she hurled a knife towards the target, missing the bull's eye by one or two centimeters.

Coach Supra, dropped his nasty tone, now switching to an imperative one. "Focus on your aim. You will not get lunch until you get this right."
Clove winced at his last sentence, then chucked knife after knife at the same, aggravating target.

It seemed like hours before Clove threw her first bull's eye. A mixed feeling of joy and disbelief washed over her, causing a smile to play across her lips.
Coach Supra, only slightly impressed, dismissed both Cato and Clove.

Before opening the tall, heavy door, Cato came to a halt, blocking Clove's path.

"Tell anyone about this, and you're dead."

Clove seemed surprised at first by his icy threats, then her features relaxed into a
smirk. "About what? The fact that you need extra help?" She taunted, confidence slowly flowing back through her.

Cato shot her a nasty look before retorting, "I wouldn't be talking if I were you, cry-baby."
The two glared at each other, both of them indirectly challenging the other. Clove was the first to wiggle her way out of his stare, then she pushed past him, the door slamming closed behind her.

The two never spoke again.

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