Books, Pressure And Jealousy

Books, Pressure And Jealousy

Vanessa Ward is indeed successful. She's one best example of a young lucrative author. Although there's ennui in them, Vanessa Ward doesn't give up. She loves writing. She's perfect and not just as an author. But wait, something just has got to ruin the elegance... Nothing is perfect.

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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Who? Who?

It was the first thing that came into Vanessa's mouth. Words could not be spoken, she could just think and hope that Heidi could hear her thoughts. Why would somebody sue Vanessa Ward? By what cause? What did she do wrong in her life?

The concept broke out in her mind after a few seconds. What if Valerie... What if Valerie sued her?

No. Those were sentimental reasons. Valerie would not sue her.

"What do you mean, Heidi?" All that Vanessa could manage to say, was that sentence. Heidi looked at Vanessa with a deep pity.

"You know Shay Stevens?" Heidi's voice shook in the middle.

"Yes, I've read one of her novels--what was the name..." Heidi cut her.

"The East West Court."

"Yes," Vanessa agreed. She read that story a few years ago. It was a masterpiece; about a girl named Scarlet who faces a parallel world accidentally. The adventure goes on and on. Scarlet can't seem to find a way out. She visits a new version of her family and gets used to them. Then she begins to have problems with some atmosphere situations. She then discovers that the mechanism of humans there and humans in the other world was different and she would die, since her body wasn't to adapt to a place like that. It was a 6-book series, one of the best series Vanessa ever read.

"Remember Letters and The Shadows" Heidi asked again.

"Yes," Vanessa said. Her own book. About a girl named Randi who travels to a copy of earth. Whilst she has her own family in earth, and she also seems stuck in the other universe, she makes another family, thinking that she could once more be happy. Then she sees shadows of her previous life and then...

"She says you copied the plot of hers," Heidi said. "And that Randi's best friend's name is Summer. There's a Summer in East West Court."

"That's stupid," Vanessa went off. It's stupid. Yes, their stories have the same base and there's a positive character named Summer in both. But it's okay to get some inspiration. "Come on. Shay freaking Stevens didn't invent that subject."

"She says you did," Heidi said matter-of-factly. "Remember how you pointed in an interview how much you loved the book? Well, now she's sure you read it."

"Even more stupid," She nearly shouted, losing her temper quickly. Vanessa hardly ever got angry, but when she did, she was one case of a short-tempered woman. Headily, she stormed towards the study room. While Heidi managed to busy herself with the other articles in the newspaper. Heidi never got tired of Vanessa, but she could always get tired at her work.

The heavy and angry footsteps of Vanessa Ward--maybe the once successful author--began to shorten the closure. Heidi smirked quietly, thinking how Vanessa was always completely controlled. And now...

Heidi knew what the deal was. She knew why Vanessa was so frightened. She might be much older than Vannie, but Vannie tells her everything.

In Vanessa's hands, there were two books, almost the same size. One had a sky-blue cover, with an intriguing picture and the other was pale and pink, a picture on it, cleaved in two parts; one for each world. That was Vanessa's book 'Letter and the Shadows."

"I can prove you wrong," Vanessa said childishly and began leafing through the pages of 'The East West Court'. On page 123, Vanessa stopped. "Look, this page, is where our stories go the different direction. Mine goes into mental imagines and seeing things and problems from the other side, while hers went into scientific tests that finally shows she will die soon because of her body. My character isn't even gonna die!" She said the last world in a yell.

"Relax Vanessa," Heidi said. "We'll contact Jeffrey and I'm sure he'd be more than happy to help you in the court because of the money you give--"

"Court?" Vanessa shouted and began rubbing her forehead. The legendary writer, Vanessa Ward, goes to court... Vanessa Ward the copycat... So many headlines. "This shouldn't go public," Vanessa said. "I mean, if Stevens loses it will be bad for her. Which is likely."

"I thought about that. I'm trying to call her and tell her. But she never answers, I think this guy gave me the wrong number... and also, Vanessa, it already has gone public."

"Look, Heidi, I'm just sued. Lost is worse than that. Then people will never read my stories, even if I post them free online." She paused, beginning to think thoughtfully for a second. "Listen, you try calling Stevens and I'll try to call Jeffrey, okay?" Vanessa watched Heidi stroking the couch thoughtfully.

"Okay, I'll head to the office," Heidi said, grabbing her bag quickly. "We'll keep in touch."

"Wait," Vanessa exclaimed looking at the coffee table. "You didn't drink your coffee..." Heidi gave out a half-smile.

"Next time. Call Jeffrey." Then she left from the door. She had to call her lawyer, Travis Jeffrey, but before that Vanessa dropped her body on the couch and let out a heavy thought. At least Valerie didn't do anything... Oh Valerie.

Vanessa began reviewing the story. Valerie was in some points, much better than Valerie. She didn't have a great vocabulary, but she knew how to use the words in the right place. She didn't get inspired, she had her very own writing style. Vanessa admired her sister... Vanessa was afraid that Valerie would steal her limelight. Yes. Vanessa was jealous, and she wanted it all.

We all have flaws...

A/N: Sorry for the somewhat late update. I am suffering from a cold and I'm literally brain-dead. So sorry for the lack of style and any mistakes. I edited the last two chapters and I hope they're mistake-less. Other than that, I hope you like it. My predictions for the chapters aren't going write. I might have to make another chapter after chapter 4. There's still one week left anyway. So, yeah. Bye!

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