Books, Pressure And Jealousy

Books, Pressure And Jealousy

Vanessa Ward is indeed successful. She's one best example of a young lucrative author. Although there's ennui in them, Vanessa Ward doesn't give up. She loves writing. She's perfect and not just as an author. But wait, something just has got to ruin the elegance... Nothing is perfect.

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Vanessa sighed heavily and gazed at the number she just dialed. Her name, Verity, was written in a medium-sized font just below a photo of a brownish-haired girl with a toothy smile. Vanessa brought the phone to her left ear.

After two long rings, a voice ran through the cell.

"Vannie!" Valerie exclaimed and Vannie distanced the phone from her ear.

"Valerie! It's good to hear your voice," She said, holding the sarcasm. It was always good to hear her voice, until she decided to bring arguments about her dream.

"Yours too, Vanessa." Said Valerie, more controlled. And it also seemed more truthful than Vannie. Vanessa couldn't help but to feel guilty. "Pretty busy, eh?"

"Yes, I have been pretty busy. Writer's block again."

"Ah..." Valerie sighed. Unfortunately, it seemed like she was sorry. See, that's the problem. Vanessa didn't hold sympathy for her sister's standing; while her sister was just beautiful at any rate. Inside and out. She always held sympathy. "Which book?"

" 'Navy Blue.' " Vanessa stated jumping out of her thoughts.

"Lizzy still has no chance for the task, does she?" Valerie asks.

"None. That's my problem." Yes, Valerie knew the plot. She was actually sort of an assist to her sister. She helped her through the story, she even planned an ending for Soon To Be. Vanessa didn't do bad in that case. She thanked Valerie in her "Acknowledgements." But was that really enough? Was that what Valerie wanted?

"Oh my God, Van, I think I have the perfect idea."After a pause between their voices, Valerie came to say--to exclaim."It's a little long. I can email it to you." Vanessa's smile widened, but then slowly disappeared.

"That's great, Valerie." She said shortly.

"And... I still haven't got a call from the publishers, Van. What's their problem?"

"I'll ask," Vanessa assured her with her persuasive and certain voice. But deep down she knew she had no intentions. "Valerie, I have to go. Make sure you email it to me."

"Bye Van," Once again, Valerie said cheerfully.

Frustrated, Vanessa hung up and threw the phone. She heard a soft landing on the couch. The truth was, Van did not hate her sister at all; in fact, there were times her sister was counted as her best friend. The only one she could rely on. Now, Valerie was relying on her but...

Vanessa and Valerie both held a dream of becoming a well-known writer. They both worked very hard, and Valerie knew whole-heartily that whatever her sister got, she deserved. But then their paths fell apart. Why is Vanessa popular and her sister is not? luck. Better publishers, better sponsors...

Vanessa squeezed her eyes shut, not wanting to think about the rest. Vanessa, for most of the parts, was a reverent person. She dressed modestly and mostly acted modestly. She donated to several companies of child support, all in massive financial amounts. She helped renew a town, struck by earthquake... She regularly helped a poor family by buying them stuff to live with. In most of the cases Vanessa could applaud herself. But not her sister's case.

Shaking Valerie's picture away from her mind, she pressed a button on the stereo, and classical music filled the hall.


Vanessa bolted out of her dreams and her eyes fluttered open. She had fell asleep on the sofa, once again.

What made you wake up? She asked herself and started surfing her clueless mind. Another long and loud ring filled her ear after a while.

"Oh yes, the door," She said to herself, this time loud.

Brushing her shoulder-length hair with her fingers, she got to her feet. Getting to the door, another long ring surprised her.

"Alright, I'm coming!" she exclaimed, her eyes narrowed.

She sneaked a look through the lens. Oh great, it's Heidi.

She opened the door widely. There, stood a woman, in her mid-thirties. She had a dark skin, dark hair and grey eyes which glowed against her other features. She had a determined--and angry look on her face. Boy, this is not good.

Through the 3 years of Vanessa's professional career, not once she's seen this woman happy or cheerful at any rate. Maybe that's what makes her one of the best agents for her standings. She was stickler and stubborn, albeit supportive.

"Heidi," Vanessa said. "What a pleasant surprise." She failed to hold back the sarcasm.

"Vanessa Natalie Ward," Heidi's voice boomed. "Do you have any idea what's going on?"

"Not a clue," Vanessa yawned. "I was just asleep for 2 hours and the world is ending?"

"If you care to let me in," Said Heidi."I would describe how this is much worse than the global warming." Vanessa smirked and stepped aside. Her mind was still jagged like a robbed office. Pulled out shelves, teared papers, she could even imagine a pen with its ink making a puddle on the desk. The desk was also pretty fuzzy.

Heidi took a seat on Vanessa's most comfortable couch. Vannie didn't need to ask what Heidi's preferences are in drinking. She poured from the ready coffee into two classic cups and brought them to the living room. Heidi crossed her legs and started.

"It's all over the news," Heidi exclaimed.

"Alright Heidi. What's all over the news?" Vanessa couldn't be less concerned. Her agent always seemed to make a fuss about the smallest things.

"Vanessa, this is serious." Heidi started taking some files out of a folder. Some papers. Newspaper.

"What?" She was somewhat worried. Heidi did make a fuss about small unimportant things, but the newspaper didn't.

"You are being sued, Vanessa. And apparently, she has rights."

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