3 Little Words I Want To Say ( A One Direction Group Story)

yay!! finally, a group story :)

Chapter 1


Name: Carly Misa (okay i kno i use this name a lot but it's my name and i wanna use it! this is the last time me using it)
Age: 19 going on 20
Personality: Smart, Unique, Childish at times, Shy when it comes to a boy, Sassy, and Enjoyable.
Looks: go to this link http://upload.quibblo.com/user/Lautner101/photoalbum/1966394?page=1&per_page=9 and she is 5'4

Here is my new life. Here is my new home. Here is London,England.

My new life starts here from being in a small village to a big city. How am I going to get used to the sound of British accents everywhere? How am I going to be able to see all my friends anymore? Well, those are all great questions. But, those are sacrifices I had to take in order to be here. Living my dreams of becoming famous. You see, I have lived in a small village in Western Samoa. It's tiny and very little population. Not many people know of it. My mom and dad got divorced a long time ago when I was about a toddler. I was already walking and singing the melody of my ABC's. My dad had gotten into a fight with my mom about some crazy reason. It was stupid and immature. But how could I have known that? I was a toddler for goodness sakes. Anyway, my mom is white and my dad is full Samoan. He speaks loudly and is very strong. Well, my brother and I were watching Sesame Street while my mom and dad were fighting in the bedroom. I wanted a drink so I started crying. My brother knew that was his cue to go get me some milk. I started to cry more as my brother, Cogan, was taking forever.

As I walked into the kitchen to see what was taking so long, I saw my mom had been on the floor in the bedroom and my dad had his fist to her arm. I could see several bruises here and there along her arm. My mom tried to call 911 but my dad had cut the telephone wires. He was yelling at her saying how stupid she was and how she wasn't good enough for him. My mother had looked at me and cried. She got up, smacked his face and grabbed me and Cogan out the door. She got in the car and drove us to our grandparents house in Utah.

16 years after that, we moved to Salt Lake City, Utah. My mom had gotten a job at a computer business. We lived in a very expensive area. My mom had already met a man a few years older than her and they got married. His name was Dave. He was an actor and wrote his own plays.

I asked my mom if I could go move to Samoa with my dad because of his medical problems. He had kidney failure. I decided I really needed to help him so my mom said yes after a couple of days.

I moved to Samoa and helped my dad cook and clean in Western Samoa. My dad passed away on my 18th birthday. I promised him I would live my dreams and do the best that I could to be successful.

And now here I am in London,England trying to look for a decent apartment to start out with. I have walked around all day trying to find something. I need a break. I told the taxi driver to drive me to the nearest mall. I was fidgeting with my dress my mom bought me. She bought me all these fancy clothes for a new start in England. Mothers right?

her outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=57983142
the person isn't her, it's just the hair that i wanted to use.

I had put my hair up in a ponytail this morning on the plane to keep me from getting hot. My hair is extremely thick. It's a Samoan thing.

The taxi driver stopped the car and I paid him the money. My mom gave me some money that you can only use in England. She kept me well prepared except for the housing part.

I walked feeling like a fool, calling America's malls big. This one was 3 times as large. I just hope I don't get lost! I walked to what seemed like a food court. I looked for a place that sold pretzels. I finally found the pretzel place and ran to the line. Bumping into some other girl.


srry it's so short in a hurry plz comment and i luv friend requests!! :)

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