You're Not Who You Think You Are (1D Story)
Vivian Alyssa Robin
Age: 17
Looks: curly dark hair, tan, green eyes, bright smile, 5'0, curvy, not perfectly skinny
Personality: funny, nice, stubborn, hides her emotions, independent, charming, mostly friendly

Chapter 1

Vivian Alyssa

by: Dance

"Vivy, shuddup!" Lia cried as we walked on the sand of Santa Monica beach. I had grown up in Santa Monica, along with my bestfriends, Lia and Briley.
"What?" I laughed. I was humming "What Makes You Beautiful" again. I barely knew the band, but the song was pretty popular at the store I worked at in the mall. You know, for tween and teen girls who see boyband as oxygen? The place that sells glittery lipgloss and frilly skirts? Yeah, that place.
"You're humming that song again!" Briley chimed in, laughing as we reached our "special spot" on the hot sand. We came to the beach almost everyday. Hearing the lapping of the waves, the seagulls crying, the tourists exclaiming of the beauty...Santa Monica was home.
"Sorry!" I laughed, lying my towel on the sand under the hot sun. I peeled off my cover-up, kicked off my shoes, and sprawled out on my towel as my friends did the same. We lied in silence for a few minutes, listening to the familiar sounds of the beach, hearing the sounds of rides from the pier.
"So, Viv, when do you meet with the lawyers?" Briley asked quietly. I sighed. It had been two months since mom and dad's deaths in a car accident. I'd been living with my aunt until I met with lawyers. I'd turned seventeen last week, so I wasn't an adult and couldn't live by myself until I was eighteen.
"Tonight at 6," I told them.
"Good luck," Lia said. We all knew what could easily happen. If I wasn't permitted to stay with my aunt, I could end up moving. Moving away from my best friends? Impossible. Not away from my best friends, from my parents' graves, from the inviting sounds of the beach and pier.....from my life.
"Vivian! Come on, we're going to be late!" Aunt Shelly called up the stairs. We were going to meet the lawyers tonight. Aunt Shelly seemed nervous, which caused me to wonder...
"Coming!" I called, thumping down the carpeted steps of Aunt Shelly's large house. She gave me a small smile when she saw me, but her eyes her red and puffy.
"You alright, Aunt Shel?" I asked her as she walked up to me.
"I'm fine," she nodded. She put her hands on my shoulders, her brown eyes looking down into my green ones.
"Remember, Viv, no matter what happens, you'll always be my niece," she said.
I nodded, a little creeped out by the sudden emotion. Why did her words make my stomach churn?

"So, Vivian, we need to speak of your parents' will," one of the lawyers, a burly woman with gray hair pulled back into a tight bun, said to me. I nodded as we sat around a little coffee shop. I couldn't manage to drink any of my latte. I was close to my parents, and this whole event made their deaths seem so real.
"Vivian, your parents had something to tell you when you were eighteen," she said to me.
I only nodded again, furrowing my brow in confusion. Aunt Shelly sighed beside me, her eyes once again glossy with tears.
"Vivian, your parents had a very good friend in England, who had a baby that she couldn't care for," Aunt Shelly took over.
"What does that have to with me?" I asked.
"Have you ever seen your birth certificate, Vivian?" The lawyer asked me.
I thought for a moment. Had I? Usually mom would just tell me it was in some desk drawer and we'd look at it later. For school, they turned it in and I never saw it.
The lawyer pulled out a piece of paper out of a briefcase, and handed it to me.
I took it, my heart thumping. I read it quickly, before I laughed.
Styles? Holmes Chapel? England? No, not me.
"This is wrong. It says I was born in England to some Anne and Des," I explained, setting it on the table with a sigh of relief.
"That's what we're trying to tell you, Vivian," Aunt Shelly mumbled, looking down. The lawyer turned to me, her big eyes staring at me without emotion.
"You were born Vivian Alyssa Styles."

Just a preview! Please comment if I should continue! Thanks! Lots of Love! :) xx

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