Close Your Eyes~An Orginal Story

Close Your Eyes~An Orginal Story

This stiry starts in the year 1688, stays there for two or three chapters, then goes to the present, with flashbacks of Samantha. Everything comes togeher eventually, I promise.

Chapter 1

Judge And Jury

A/N:If you don't read the intro, you might get confused. Please read it!

"Samantha Hedley, do you understand the crimes of which you sare being accused?" Questions a judge in a powdered white wig. His naxme is William Carright, the judge for the town of Garrings. He stares down at fourteen-year-old Samantha Hedley, his steely grey eyes containing no hint of emotion.

"I understand them. I'm just not guilty of them." The young girl explains, tears running down her face. The courtroom only contains Judge Carright, Samantha, the jury, two gaurds, and three witnesses. None of them feel a shred of pity for the crying girl, trying to regain her composure. None of them think of her brother, Alexander Hedley, who was just killed a month ago by Bixanne Baxter, Samantha's old best friend. And although none of them would admit it, they were all afraid of this girl.

"We beg to differ, Miss Hedley. We have witness who saw you commiting witchcraft in a medow. We have heard you talk to the spirits of the dead. I have thought long and hard about this, but I have reached a conclusion." Samantha swipes at her tears and pulls on her ink-black hair. She inhales, and braces for the results. She knows what they're going to do. She just hopes they'll change their minds.

The judge is correct. Samantha Hedley is a witch. Mostly she talks to the dead. She even talks to Bixanne, her brother's killer and her ex-best friend. But she knows some spells and curses. She can do many things, things that scare people. She can hurt them, damn them to walk the earth forever, can make them feel a pain like no other with a few simple words. But she doesn't, because Samantha didn't want to bring shame on her family or herself. The simple fact is that although not many people love her, Samantha Hedley doesn't want to die. She doesn't want to be executed. And although she's a witch, she doesn't know how to kill anyone, stop time, or change the past. And if she lashed out on the judge, the jury, and those nosy witnesses, what remaims of her family would be killed.

"We have found you guilty of the crime of being a witch and witchcraft. The punishment for these horrendous crimes is, as you know, execution. Your execution will be in three hours in the medow where you commited these crimes. If you do not show up, our brigade of witch-hunters will hunt you down. Do you understand these terms?" William Carright asks, looking from beneath his spectacles.

"Ple-please don't do this! I was just curious! I didn't mean to do anything! Please just let me live!" Samantha begs, staring at the pityless jury, witnesses, and judge.

"It is for the good of Garrings. We must think of the good of the people. It is the right thing to do." He feels nothing for this girl, other than fear. Deep down, he is terrified of Samantha Hedley. And he should be.

Samantha's face scrunches up in anger. Why should she think of the good of a town that betrayed her, exiled her, and who's citizens are condemming her to death? Why should she care about them? She only loves her family, her ghost friends, and the books in her parent's attic. She hates almost everyone in the town of Garrings, in the Province of South Carolina (A/N:That's what South Carolina was called in 1668) because they hate her.

"You may sentance me to death, but I sentance your souls to walk the earth forever! Once you die, you shall live as the undead, noticed by no one,alive with no life! All of you!" She howls as the gaurds drag her out if the hall and back to where her cell is, a few floors up. She mutters something under her breath and the sky outside darkens, and there's a sudden crash of thunder. A dark black smoke fills the room, and there's a mad scuffle for escape. But even those who run are followed by the omnious fog, and it enters their nose. They don't drop dead immdeatly, though. They'll die when she dies. The smoke disappears and Samantha is locked back in her cell, grinning madly.

Samantha Hedley is a witch, no doubt about it. A witch who will be dead in three hours.

Do you like it? Does it suck? Tell me what you think! Thanks for reading :)


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