Story of a girl [marauders love story]

Everyone has a story. That old man on the road busking has one. The kid who used to bully you in middle school has one. Even that little bird over there, has a story too. So, what’s your story?

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: the begining

Well, this little story right here is a tale about a girl. A girl who found out fast that the world she lives in is downright evil and unforgiving. Just a quick heads up, this isn’t a fairy tale about how a sad, lonely, abused girl gets rescued by prince charming in his shining armour. No, this is real life; or as real as it can get.

Well, let’s start this the right way, shall we?

"I hope you fall in a pit!"

"Have fun at the asylum!"

"Freedom! At last!"

Ignore them. Just hold your head up high and walk away.

I love that small little voice inside of me. It's always the most sensible. But I have to admit, it still hurts.

So this must be all confusing for you. Well, let me start by introducing myself. I am… that's a good question, who am I? I've been going by the name Evelyn for as long as I can remember. Where I stay, last names aren't important, so I never knew what mine was supposed to be. That was, of course, until last month. So I guess I'm really Evelyn Merope Riddle. Cool isn't it? One morning you wake up thinking you're just weird old Eve, then, before the sun sets, you find out that not only do you have a last name, but a middle name too! All thanks to a strange letter that arrived by an owl.

Opps, look at me babbling away, I didn't even realise that I've reached King's Cross Station. Now all I have to do is find Platform 9 ¾. Wait, what? This has to be some sort of joke, right? Sylvia probably pulled it. Why am I not surprised? Trying to get rid of me like always. Man she makes me so angry. But so far everything has been real. A man with a potbelly smelling strangely of firewood had picked me up to get all my things I needed. Horace Sulghorn. That's what he called himself. Sylvia couldn't possibly have staged this whole thing, could she?

Dragging my things with me, I walked over the pillar that stood in between Platform 9 and 10. Thank goodness I decided to come an hour early so that I'd give myself leeway for getting hopelessly lost. I'm good at that, getting lost, that is.

Me being me, I decided to do the most logical thing I could think of, and lean on the pillar. I mean, it’s a pillar. It's solid. It's a structural part of the building, and it's there so that it can hold the building up. Right?

Well, I couldn't be more wrong. In case some of you hadn't guessed, the supposedly solid pillar that I was going to lean on, gave way. For a second, I panicked thinking that I'd somehow managed to push down a pillar. I wouldn't be surprised if I'd actually managed to do that either, I mean, I'm weird, and I've always been.

Thank heaven, that wasn't what had really happened. What had happened was even more outrageous. I had fallen through the wall. Yeap, you heard me right. I had tumbled backwards through a pillar, like it was a permeable membrane.

Let's not forget to mention that I landed painfully on my behind.

Standing up, I rubbed on my sore bum, and saw a gleaming red train in front of me. I looked up at the sign, and nearly started to laugh hysterically when it read, Platform 9 ¾.

I'm pretty sure if anyone walked past me right now, they would think I was mad. Utterly insane. I mean, what would you say if you saw a ten, going eleven year old girl with short messy dark brown hair standing on a platform grinning wildly to herself? Maybe Paul was right earlier, I really am being sent to an asylum.

Never mind that! I really really really want to go on that train now. It's this really freaky need and longing. Man, I am so sure I'm crazy right now.

Oh, did I forget to mention, I'm a witch, I'm on this awesome train called the Hogwarts Express and in an hour, will be off to this place in Scotland, I think, to study in this place called Hogwarts! Anyway, all this excitement has rendered me close to almost completely drained of energy! That happens a lot….

Anyway, I think I'm going to take a short nap before everyone else comes to the train… in case any of you poor souls are worried that I somehow stupidly fell off the tracks and am falling asleep on the rails, I'm not.
I'm actually in a compartment in a train, and I swear, my eyelids are getting really very heavy….

I just hope the nightmares stay away…..

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