I feel so guilty right now but happy at the same time. i feel like a bad cousin

I feel so guilty right now but happy at the same time. i feel like a bad cousin

from the tittle u can tell i'm a bad cousin. I didn't relieze i had a 2nd cousin in my class :P

Chapter 1

I'm happy but gulity and feeling sick :P

I'm happy since i'm getting better in debate. Imp. is hard, you have to talk about 3 random words for 5 mintues. I talked about chair for 4 mintues. So i'm happy about that. and about my niece naomi calling me tia tia. aka aunt aunt in english. i love her even thou i have never met that little 3 yeAR old. :P
I'm feel sick :(
I happy since i met my 2nd cousin,shes in my laungue arts class. but i nevered relized, lol i felt guilty. But i met her and she didn't know niether. So i have a cousin thats my age and in my class and my grade :) but i usaully don't talk to her. The olny reason i reliezed was beacause she said her last name. Lol. The sub called me sofia. Wtf. O.O she looked at me when the sub called me that and then she said her last name, and i thought they were calling me. Saucedo. My 2nd last name. My friend said,"Glory there calling u" I looked up and glanced at the sub. Then i went back to writing my long essay about liturary devices (boring but i made it interesting.) So i have a cousin who i never knew i had. :P (ps. Vepsy she's your cousin too.) So Thanks for reading. I got to go, my stomach is growling rubs my stomach Vepsy make me something to eat that i can eat and won't kill me or do me bad! smiles innocently


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