As time goes by~ a group story

Written by Bree (Linde) and I (safeandsound101)-- for Linde's contest

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Chapter 3

August stares at the moon, her back propped up against the edge of the window and her legs split across the window pane. The moon is not a full moon yet, but it is larger than a crescent. A waxing... gibbous. The moonlight shines onto her lap and past onto the floor in her room.

"Mrs. Montgomery, may we speak with you. Alone?"

Lisa Montgomery releases the supporting hand on August's and walks a couple steps into the doctor's office and shuts the door behind her. August stands from the hard seat she has been sitting on and leans against the door. Did they really expect her to not listen in on their conversation?

"We are 92% sure that she has Mitochondrial Encephalopathy... It's a hereditary condition that is based off of her genetic parents. From these reports, you don't seem to be her god-given parents, correct?"

"Yes, but we love her like we would our own child."

"I understand that, ma'am, but this condition is serious. She can experience things like mild muscle pains to severe seizures. There is no cure to these episodes." August stares at the white door in misbelief. It cannot be true... it cannot be true... it cannot be true. "On average, people with MELAS syndrome with her symptoms... have a life expectancy of five years. Luckily, August has been able to survive for this long. But, there is no changing this. She is going to die. It can be in five more years, one more year, a month, a week, even tomorrow. It could also be tonight."

Is it possible, August wonders. Can she possibly die this night under the moon that hasn't become full? She is only seventeen. Before the incident, the number was irrelevant; it was just another year. She's not even sure now if she has a day.

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