As time goes by~ a group story

Written by Bree (Linde) and I (safeandsound101)-- for Linde's contest

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Chapter 1

Seventeen. A number like that is insignificant. It's not a girl's sweet sixteen and it isn't the age signifying a girl's freedom from the protective grasp of parents. Yet, her parents insisted on throwing her a party to celebrate the turn of age.

August looks in the mirror at herself. She looks into her light blue eyes and looks at the finally untangled hair pulled back clean and tightly in a pony tail. She then looks down at the dress that her adoptive mother picked out for her-- a seaweed green strapless that ends just above her knees. It's a beautiful dress, but honestly August wouldn't wear it if the party wasn't being thrown in her name.

"August? August, love, are you almost done in there?" Her father's warm and soothing voice makes her mouth quiver into a small smile. She opens the door, exposing herself to the world outside the bathroom. Her cheeks flush as she sees her adoptive dad smile proudly. "You're beautiful."

"Thanks, dad." August wraps her arms around her dad's body, placing her chin on his shoulder and taking in a deep shaky breath. The position holds for a while, but August knows to let go.

"You should go downstairs and greet your classmates." August nods in agreement and moves past her dad. Before walking down the stairs, she takes one last look at her dad and she sees the bathroom door shut. When she turns her head back around, her head begins to ache. Her hand presses against her forehead as she walks down the stairs in her nude flats.

"August!" The loud voice of her friend makes her head ring in pain. "Are you okay?" the girl asks, noticing that she is in pain. August places her free hand on the couch in front of her, stabilizing herself, but the room still spins.

"August?" the voice of her mother makes her look up. She seems to be standing in front of... the glass case in which they keep all family awards. She groans at the sight of the three trophies she has won over the course of her life. It's embarrassing that her parents haven't taken them down before the party. The pain in her head gets worse and August shuts her eyes firmly, feeling her hand tighten on the sofa.

When she opens her eyes, her vision has darkened. The edges and pieces of the living room seem to fuse together and her eyes begin to create black spots around her. She feels her head pound in pain and her arm is shaking fiercely beneath her, being the only thing holding her up. Her knees weaken under her, taking the fall hard and her hand releases from the sofa as all fades to black.

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