The Second Annual Hunger Games

Well, the title is kind of self-explanatory. I'm writing a lot more for practice for English class. I'm in honors, so I have to try stretching out stories into novels. Here's another attempt.

Chapter 1

The Beggining

Tomorrow, I'll be at the reaping. I want to shake the thought from my mind, but it keeps coming back. Sure, that girl Crystal came home last year, but what about this year? District 2 and 4 had very tough tributes. I can't believe it's been a year already.
I overhear the jocks from school talking about volunteering to be the tribute.
"I want to volunteer. My dad said my grandfather fought and died for Panem, and I should too. He's right," one said.
"Well, I want to volunteer too. My brother says he bets I wouldn't last ten minutes in the arena. I'm going to prove him wrong!" Another chimed in. I watched quietly from the table next to them, pretending to be listening to what my friends were saying.
One boy, Jayden, was the only one who remained quiet as he stared at his lunch. He just turned 17. His older brother died in the games last year, he was 18. I felt bad for him.
"How about you, Jay?" A boy named Bentley asked.
"I'm not volunteering." he answered. I know that if his brother hadn't died last year, he would be just like the others, maybe even more enthusiastic. He has a very strong build, and his muscle is unnatural. 'He'd win' I think to myself. His brother was strong, but not like him.
"Why? Just because your brother wasn't tough enough to-" one cocky kid, Richard, began.
"Shut up!" Jayden's voice commanded. I was on the edge of my seat. My friends didn't even notice what was going on, they were busy gossiping about some new store that just opened.
"I heard the clothes come from the capitol!" Payson pipped. I focused on Jayden again.
"What? If he didn't trust the guy from two he could have won. That's all I'm saying." Richard said. Some of them stiffed a grin. I saw the words sting Jayden's face. I might be part of the 'Be pretty, nod and smile, pretend you're stupid' table, but I'm not going to pretend I didn't hear that. Jayden is just sitting there, absorbing the harsh words.
"Thank gosh I didn't wear my new dress today" I say as I stand up ad take my earrings out quickly. I slam them into my bag and walk up to the table.
'Should have thought this through more' I think to myself. I have no idea what to say, thank god they start.
"Hel-lo gorgeous," Michael says. Creeper.
"Shut it, toolbag." I quickly retort.
"oooh, she's got an attitude to go with those beautiful blonde curls." he says. I roll my eyes at him and give Richard a look that could kill.
"Hey, dirt." I say. He stands up, clearly pi$$ed that I am insulting him. His ego is massive.
"Excuse yourself." he says through clenched teeth. I smirk.
"No, excuse YOURself. You're going to talk about someone's dead brother like it's your business? After knowing what he was forced to go through?" I say. It sounded pretty good out loud. He grabbed my arm.
"Lower your voice, Jewel," he says.
"Mistake number 2- putting your hands on me." I say sweetly. Then I twist my arm around and in half a second, roles have changed completely. My hand is holding his wrist tightly. His hand is turning purple from the pressure on his wrist. He looks at me in shock, but I'm not done. I use my legs. In zero time, he's on the ground. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. He's gasping for air.
(Have you ever fallen off of the monkey bars or something high up and it's hard to breathe after? That's the feeling.)
I clench my right fist and punch his face with it, hard. I get up and brush off my hands. I push my hair behind my shoulders and flash a dazzling smile to the peacekeeper watching in shock.
This is me:
I walk very seductively toward him, and whisper,
"Can we let it go, just this once?" I ask slowly. He nods and walks away. I return to the scene and see Jayden, who is looking at me. I wink at him as I sit at my table of girls. He smiles at me. I explain what happened to my friends, and they all insist that Jayden has a crush on me, and I should pay more attention to him. Are they insane? The reaping is tomorrow. I'm certainly not in the mood for any teenage drama right now. I know Ryleigh has been obsessed with this guy for a long time. I just shrug and throw my lunch tray away.
I go to class, and sit in the front row, as usual. Jayden sits in the desk next to me, not usual.
"Hey" he says.
"Hi" I say
"That was really cool of you, to stick up for me like that"
"He was wrong to have said that."
"Do you want to hang out tonight?" he sort of blurted at me. I was pleasantly surprised.
"Yeah, sure." I say as I write my address on a piece of paper and give it to him. He smiles. "My house?" I ask. He nods.
"Fine with me" he says.
After school, I run home and get all pretty.
I live in District 1, and since I'm right next door to the capitol, we get a lot of products from them. Stuff that goes out of style there is gold here. So I straightened my hair and changed into a cute skirt and a tank that tucks in under the skirt. I put on flats and waited. My family is wealthy. My father works in the capitol, and my mother owns a store here in town. They aren't home when my siblings and I come back from school, but they're there at night to hang out. When they're not there, the little kids' nanny is here. She basically monitors TV, video games, and makes sure they clean up their messes. I don't talk to her too often.
I hear the doorbell downstairs, and walk down one of the two marble staircases. My little brothers Braden and Bryson are already at the door talking to Jayden.
Nanny Taylor talks them into playing a game in the back room. They aren't too interested in Jayden.
"You seem like all the others anyway" Braden says as he walks away. I'll be giving him a firm punch for that later. Taylor lets him in and I'm at the bottom of the stairs.
"Thanks, Taylor." I say.
"You're welcome," she answers as she scurries toward the whining voice of my twin baby sisters down the hall. Diamond and Glimmer. They'll be three in two months.
"Hey, Jay!" I say.
"Hello!" he answers.
"Jewel." I say.
"I know" he laughs. I lead him upstairs.
"So, we can watch a movie or go to the game room. You pick, I've been to both." I say. He laughs. Yay, I'm officially funny.
"Game room sounds cool." He says. I make a sharp left and he walks into the wall. I laugh hysterically. It's the funniest thing I've ever seen.
We hang out for a long time. Four hours pass too quickly. I am standing on my front porch with him, staring into his bright green eyes when he leans in and kisses me. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!
I lay down and am sleeping in no time.

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